Volodin spoke about the work of the state Duma of the seventh convocation

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotoreceptor of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin before the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leadership of the Federation Council and State Duma of the Russian Federation. 25 Dec 2017Volodin spoke about the work of the state Duma of the seventh convocation© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

The state Duma of the 7th convocation they tore pending since 1994 the bills considered 74,4% from more than 2 thousand laws 14-15% from which taken, said on Monday speaker of the lower house Vyacheslav Volodin.

«One of the tasks you want to solve is to deal with those blockages that have accumulated, in the beginning it was 2020 bills since 1994, several decades. And it is clear that many of the conclusion is already outdated,» said Volodin at a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with the leadership of the chambers of the Federal Assembly.

However, according to him, under the Constitution, the deputies are obliged to consider them, and it was important for this work.

«At 74.7% of these blockages are today considered. And I must say that we have somewhere in the 14-15% of the bills from this volume is taken, that is, they relevance is not lost», — he stressed.