«We are not dangerous to others»: that is insane talk about their lives

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The mental disorder. For someone such a diagnosis — a reason to keep contact with the patient to zero. Others believe the problem is far-fetched, they say, contain the mentally ill in institutions, and you have nothing better to do. How actually people live with mental disorders and when they should be? RIA Novosti has collected stories of those who struggle daily with its second «I».

The monster under the bed

Elena Masakowski (name changed) from Elektrostal 24 years. Almost his entire adult life, she is struggling with borderline personality disorder. Living with this disease is not easy, the girl admits. And doctors in one voice say that to finally get rid of the disease will never be possible. The fact that borderline personality disorder almost always occurs concurrently with other diseases such as depression or OCD. Furthermore, patients with this diagnosis are particularly sensitive to stress and have constant anxiety.

«My main problem is the rejection of some of its features. If I were asked to portray the disease on a sheet of paper, I would have drawn the under bed monster, who suddenly came out of his hiding place and filled a whole room» — describes her as Elena.

The girl was in the hospital four times: she asked for help herself when she felt not able to cope with anxiety symptoms alone. «No I have not rolled and not carried forcibly to be treated, as love shown in the movie. Do you believe that the unpleasant symptoms will take place that will help you, but our domestic psychiatry is limited to medicines and rare meetings with the attending physician. To really help can only be a qualified psychiatrist,» she says.

Not all supported Elena in difficult times: the hospital was a kind of test for friends and relatives of the girl. Some familiar, considering the seriousness of the diagnosis, made the communication with her to a minimum. Only the most close — they helped out. Now Elena Mossakowska does not work, but regularly travels to Moscow for the session of dialectical therapy designed specifically for patients with borderline personality disorder. «After the start of classes with the specialists, there has been improvement, I am now actively seeking work — really want to try yourself as an employee of the vegetarian cafe» — she is dreaming.

However, the physicians explain, to do the work so people must be approached with extreme caution: a favorite thing can help in the fight against the disease, and to aggravate the situation. If the patient suffers from severe disorders, such as schizophrenia, a profession associated with any risk to life, for it is taboo, says psychiatrist Marina Mdinaradze. People do not have extra time to experience stress or to be in emotional stress, said, Mdinaradze, it at least will not make it healthier.

People with mental disorders is just «a black belt in the inner struggle», no doubt Mossakowska: beginning to perceive life and treasure the moments when it is possible to be in harmony with each other.

However, there is a flip side to the coin: in the eyes of many healthy people, mental illness is a made up problem. «Like I have a lot of work on myself, to live fully, but we are not dangerous to others and too scared to be thrown», — shares his feelings for Elena.

According to psychologist Natalia Warski, the line between evidence of mental illness and just a depressive period can be set only by a psychiatrist. Another thing that people do not seek help in time — they are very afraid that the worst fears will come true. And when a person for a long time struggling with depression all alone, a minor psychological problem can turn into a serious diagnosis.

«As a rule, no one even notices that the man is dangerous. Because there are patients reactive which roughly show aggression, and is very quiet. Sometimes, even, so familiar to the patient describe him as a quiet man, and then wonder that he for no reason behaved inappropriately. Relatives and friends often let the situation slide, or even write off what is happening on the peculiarities of temper: he is vicious because the introvert. Or something like that,» explains the subtleties of the doctor.
The sword of Damocles

A resident of Novosibirsk, 23-year-old Olga Fox (name changed), describes his mental disorder: «the Inner voice is always telling me to do something, otherwise someone’s gonna die/you get hurt/break a leg, and so on. In General, something terrible’s gonna happen. When you know about the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I understand that the «good» and «bad» numbers, any actions, words, marks will not affect the validity. This is magical thinking nonsense. But you continue to do or to double-check something ten times. Over you like the sword of Damocles».

To come home several times to check the iron is off, is just one of the many habits of a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), says Olga. That is why the girl many years of not buying things that need to be ironed: so her life is much calmer.

Healthy people such a disease is not taken seriously, and some even accused Olga in the banal desire to attract attention. «Usually they say that you invented everything, you just have nothing to do, you just want to be not like everyone else. Get another job, get married, have a baby all that I hear regularly,» she says.

But an obsession is not a whim, says the girl. OCD can really interfere with the lives and even cause depression and panic attacks. Sometimes other people this disease seem ridiculous. «Of course, it’s easier to laugh at a man and not offer him help,» — says Olga.

Previously, she worked in a shop, but OCD never ceased to remind yourself. «I had to count the money. An inner voice plagued with questions: «But is it really all right? Are you sure that you signed the invoice? That’s all?». And then I learned to argue with myself, to convince myself that everything felt right the first time,» she recalls.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is the constant waste of time and nerves. «Check, recheck, make, alter, move, and so every day. One day, going to work, I could not stop to pull the door, being late for the last bus and walked several kilometers on foot through a country sector» — quoted Olga an example from my life.

Mild OCD is just obsessive-compulsive disorder, which interferes with human life, explains psychiatrist Vladimir fainzilberg. More severe form can lead to disability: it is a serious violation that goes beyond neurosis.

«Immediately the question arises, who of the patients can be considered dangerous or harmless to society. It is officially considered that the person suffers from a mental disease, if he has a behavior disorders, not fit into the generally accepted in a particular society. There are people who have delusions or hallucinations — mandatory symptoms of mental disorder. Such patients can be dangerous, so they put on official record. They must regularly go to the doctor, and if you refuse, the psychiatrist attends them himself,» explains fainzilberg.

At the same time, there are patients who occasionally suffer from mood disorders or behaviour. This can be psychotherapy, the doctor claims. Such people are called conditionally sick, they are only Advisory on accounting and pose no threat to society. And nobody has the right to force them to visit a psychiatrist.

Between mania and depression

Bipolar disorder — this diagnosis ten years ago put the 26-year-old Andrei Grebenyuk from Perm. During all this time he was in the hospital twelve times. At first the young man had hard: medical preparations has provoked the emergence of side effects, and in 2011 Andrew lay three days in a coma after attempting suicide. «You like being between two poles — mania and depression. In a manic state I could not sleep at night, the energy was so much that I wanted to do several things simultaneously. Depression, on the contrary, accompanied by a sharp decline in mood, horrible thoughts and sadness,» says Andrew.

Relationships with friends and family too, it was not the best way.

The young man was hard to appear in public not only because of the depression, but because of lack of support. Mother of Andrew regularly sent his son to the hospital, he insisted that he is sick, will never be able to have a family and children. «I was terrify. Well, at least my father thought that I’m healthy, he has never supported medication. And I was right. I think all of these drugs only exacerbate the situation,» suggests Andrew.

After a long consultation with a therapist, the situation greatly improved: now Andrei Grebenyuk works as a translator and teacher of English, engaged in the repair of digital technology. «Ahead of the could not be and speeches — I abused alcohol, trying to cope with their problems. Now I believe that treatment in the first place should be psychotherapeutic only this method I eventually helped.

You need to study the roots of the problem, not fight the symptoms and the consequences,» he says.

People with mental disorders have a completely different perception on life, know the value of positive emotions and support, admits Andrew. «Psychological problems is absolutely everyone. No one is immune from such illnesses, many people simply do not consider it necessary to seek help,» explains the young man.

View Andrew shares and psychotherapist Anna Zlatopolsky. The distinction between those who costs on the account, and those who simply observed by a psychiatrist, extremely thin, indicates Zlatopolsky. «A case from private practice. Next door to me lived an older woman, fairly quiet, harmless and absolutely lonely. Once other residents complained of a strong odor that began to spread throughout the building. It turned out that this woman’s reason for many months saving up at home waste: revealing the door the policeman not even able to go into the room from behind the mountains of garbage. It turned out that my grandmother schizotypal disorder, although the account she never was,» says the doctor.

«We are not dangerous to others»: that is insane talk about their lives© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotomontagen said, when the passion for the selfie becomes boisduval if people with obvious signs of mental illness, but not observed by a psychiatrist, to provide for others a threat? Zlatopolsky says that all depends on the type of disorder, but also on how it is run.

In addition, says the therapist, this problem is not completely solved at the legislative level. In the USSR for the mentally ill constantly observed: if patients behaved violently, they were sent for treatment. Then this practice faded away. The pulse, according to doctors, is to keep friends and neighbors if witnessed suspicious behavior. However, nobody wants to take on this responsibility.