CEC allowed Sobchak to start campaigning

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in photobacteria Sobchak at the time of submission to the CEC of Russia on the nomination of a candidate for the presidential electionsCEC allowed Sobchak to start campaigning© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The Central election Commission has allowed TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak to start campaigning. Now she can open a special account for formation of election Fund, and then to start collecting signatures in their support.

In addition, the CEC registered three authorized representatives nominated its party «Civil initiative» and also authorized the Sobchak on financial issues.

She needs to collect at least 100 thousand signatures in his support, and for one region must not be more than 2,5 thousand signatures.

On the first day of the campaign, the TV host plans to open a headquarters in the center of Moscow. Election Fund in support of start to fill Wednesday, the lawyers of the candidate went to open the score, told RIA Novosti the official representative Sobchak Ksenia Chudinova.

The Program Sobchak

Saturday Sobchak has presented his electoral program called «123 difficult step», where number is the number of points for internal, external and social policy, and the economy.

Speaking at the Congress of Civil initiatives, she stated that the main problems of the country remains «the tenure of power, it engenders corruption, and, consequently, the inequitable distribution of public goods, slowing technological and social progress, international isolation, economic crisis.»

Sobchak said that her campaign «is designed for people who don’t like to live in poverty in the richest country», and that it really important topics concerning women. She positions herself as a «candidate against all».

Campaigning in the regions

Meanwhile, campaign presenter has actually begun. Sobchak said that in her support in the regions opened about 45 campaign headquarters. She intends to focus on promotion outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

«We always go, every week we have held several visits to the regions, I talk with voters, I engaged in propaganda, I know a huge number of problems that occur in the regions and, in particular, these problems also become a part of my political agenda. I go and will continue to do so and I think it is generally the most important thing,» Sobchak told journalists on Saturday.

According to her, Moscow and Saint Petersburg already quite politically active and «opposed».

«I just recently returned from Tver, now this week I got another few trips, including to Kazan and then, after the holidays, I will continue, of course, this activity», — said Sobchak.

Support Sobchak

Meanwhile, the number of supporters Sobchak has exceeded one hundred thousand. We are talking about people who clicked on the join link on the website sobchakprotivvseh.ru.

However, RIA Novosti interviewed experts noted that the collection of one hundred thousand votes in the Internet is not converted into a signature. The President of the national strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov reported that awareness and support is absolutely different categories and media awareness and even sympathy as mediapersons not automatically go into political support.