From the archives of Britain lost thousands of documents, including a letter of Zinoviev

© AP Photo / Alastair GrantЛондон. Archival photoFrom the archives of Britain lost thousands of documents, including a letter of Zinoviev© AP Photo / Alastair Grant

The UK authorities acknowledged that the National archives lost thousands of documents, including the Falklands war, the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Zinoviev letter, the newspaper Guardian.

According to the publication, thousands of government documents «about the most controversial episodes of British history of the 20th century» was gone after the state officials took them from the National archives, and then said they were lost. It is noted that also documents were lost on the British mandate in Palestine and tests polio vaccine. According to the newspaper, lost every thing from thousands contained a few dozen pages.

According to the newspaper, the case on the Zinoviev letter was lost entirely after the state officials took him from the archives. The publication notes that the home office refused to disclose why the case was taken, when and how it was lost. Also not reported was whether copies made of documents.

«Zinoviev letter» — a proclamation to the British Communists on behalf of Soviet revolutionary leaders call for intensified Subversion. The Soviet leadership, including the Gregory Zinoviev, who at the time was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, the authorship of the letters was denied. However, the document, the authenticity of which at the time was confirmed by the specialists in intelligence and foreign Ministry, led to the resignation associated with left-wing movements of the labour government and the victory in the special election of the Conservative party.

It is also reported that in 2015, officials of the foreign Ministry of great Britain took a small number of documents from the case about the murder in London of Bulgarian dissident journalist Georgi Markov. Subsequently, the foreign Ministry said in the archives that the documents were missing, the newspaper said. After the editorial staff of the newspaper appealed to the foreign Ministry, they said that most of the documents were found and returned to the National archives, but some files were not found. The foreign Ministry refused to say why the employees had taken the documents.

Other files that the National archives has flagged as «was lost when they were transferred to the Ministry», includes documents on the activities of the Communist party of great Britain in the midst of the cold war and the document that describes «the way the British government took control of Russian government assets, which were stored in British banks after the revolution of 1917.»