In the Netherlands arrested four suspects of involvement in terrorism

© Photo : Niek FromaПолицейский car in the Netherlands. Archive photoIn the Netherlands arrested four suspects of involvement in terrorism© Photo : Niek Froma

Dutch police arrested four people suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, reports NL News, citing the police.

Among the detained three Dutch citizens and one citizen of Sweden. Suspect of 21 years to 30 years. Dutch authorities have received from foreign state a message about possible involvement in terrorism of one of the suspects. The detention was held after his arrival in the Netherlands on Sunday.

«There is no specific information which can be talked about (impending) attack. In regard to the prevention of terrorist attacks, the Prosecutor’s office and the police are not going to any risks. Any signs may be sufficient for intervention,» said the Prosecutor.

Also during the investigation, searches were conducted in four locations in the cities of Vlaardingen, Delft and Gouda. Law enforcement seized multiple media data for further research.