In Transbaikalia have changed the schedule of trains after the derailment of railcars

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotoracconti on the train tracks. Hivnae photoIn Transbaikalia have changed the schedule of trains after the derailment of railcars© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

After the derailment of freight cars on the stretch Bud – Zhipkhegen Transbaikal railroad three passenger trains were detained and two suburban passenger trains cancelled, according to the website of Russian Railways.

Earlier the railway company said that on 16 freight cars derailed on the TRANS-Siberian railway in TRANS-Baikalia, the movement of trains on the stretch was stopped, was detained passenger train Beijing — Moscow. East-the Siberian investigatory management on transport reported that investigators are checking after the derailment 12 wagons on the TRANS-Siberian railway. It was noted that there were no injuries. Damaged 150 meters and even 100 meters odd ways and the three pillars of the contact network.

«In connection with the derailment of a freight train on the stretch Bud – Zhipkhegen the Chita region of TRANS-Baikal railway at 07.00 MSK detained passenger trains No. 19 Beijing – Moscow, №7 of Vladivostok – Novosibirsk (stopped at the station Khilok) and # 100 from Moscow to Vladivostok (stopped at the station of Petrovsky Zavod),» — said in the message.

It is noted that the trains optimum temperature is maintained, passengers are provided with drinking water, hot food provided.

In addition, canceled two suburban passenger trains Petrovskiy Zavod Khilok Khilok – Petrovskiy Zavod.