Kozak believes that all new governors can work effectively

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Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak believes that all new governors — energetic people that can work effectively if the Federal government will ask them the correct coordinate system.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday accepted the resignation at own request of the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev and appointed acting head of the region of the former mayor of Voronezh Alexander Gusev. Earlier this autumn, and rotation of the resignation of the head 11 regions of Russia, was appointed the new acting.

«All new governors is an energetic, young people, creative people, which I am absolutely sure that, if we ask the right coordinate system, they will work very effectively,» — said Kozak in broadcast television channel «Russia 24».

«This is a natural movement of staff, but more importantly, in what coordinate system these shots work. The greatest likelihood of error in any policy is a mistake of the personnel, the attitude of the people. Therefore, only it will show, today, early to say what the impact on regional policy update — training», he added.