Measures to support families are systemic in nature, said Matvienko

© Depositphotos / AllaSerebrinaМолодая family. Archival photoMeasures to support families are systemic in nature, said Matvienko© Depositphotos / AllaSerebrina

Senators adopted Tuesday a law on payments for children and the prolongation of the maternity capital program till the end of 2021 are systemic in nature, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

She thanked the parliamentarians for their support of the initiatives of the President of the Russian Federation.

«These documents are designed for the long term, to support families with children. They will have a positive impact on the demographic situation in the country. Thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) for these initiatives,» — said Matvienko.

She said that these laws apply to almost every family, it is a systemic action that are not ad hoc.

«Is to support families, children, which was proposed by the President, as concern about the future of our country», — said the speaker.

Present at the meeting of the Federation Council, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin said that the whole package of demographic measures fully supported by government funding. Topilin said that «the entire package of measures in the budget for three years will be on three years of 530 billion rubles.» This includes improving the quality of medical care in clinics and hospitals.

«Everything connected with calculations which agreed with the regions, all the budget provides for all events, including those which are currently offered to you to approve payments directly. Mortgage program, nursery, kindergartens, polyclinics, the expansion of the list of regions where the allowance for the third child, 50 to 60 are also provided in the budget,» — said Topilin.

«On these laws (the extension of the maternity capital and the allocation of his monthly payments, and the introduction of allowances for the first child) in the three-year budget of these 530 billion rubles provided 419,3 billion rubles, they are provided by years,» said the Minister.

«I said that if there are any changes in the course of the year or when preparing the budget already in 2019-2020, we will clarify. The program starts, it should be given a good start, and we’ll change numbers. But everything connected with calculations which agreed with the regions, all in the budget on all activities,» — said Topilin.