On snow-covered road on Sakhalin stuck on a bus with 30 passengers

© Photo : Arthur Getmanschiny congestion on highways. Archive photoOn snow-covered road on Sakhalin stuck on a bus with 30 passengers© Photo : Arthur Gutman

The bus with 30 passengers, including three children, and about 100 cars got stuck overnight in snow on going along the coast road in the South of Sakhalin, said on Tuesday the press service of the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations of Russia.

A powerful snow cyclone hit the island on Monday. According to the MOE, on Tuesday it completely leaves the region. On Tuesday evening, the brunt of the bad weather will be in Northern and Central parts of Sakhalin.

«On the night of Tuesday (Monday night GMT), the Sakhalin rescuers search and rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia the name of Polyakov, together with the staff of the administration of the Dolinsky area assisted drivers and passengers of cars stuck on the plot Firsovo – starodubskoe. In total with this part removed about a hundred cars, 60 of which rescuers and employees of road services have pulled out of the snow», — stated in the message.

After receiving information about a stuck passenger bus Uglegorsk Yuzhno – Sakhalinsk to the place were sent snow removal equipment. Inside there were 30 people, including three children, one of them is breast.

Then rescuers received information that the bus runs out of fuel. They brought extra fuel and helped the bus to keep moving and get to the final point — of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

«In Starodubsky, near a cluster of stuck cars in the village, we set mobile points of heating. People came back mainly for the hot water, just warm yourself wishing there was a little. In Dolinsk was deployed temporary accommodation for those who from-for bad weather can’t continue and is forced to stay on the road. This item has everything you need – beds, hot meals, shower» — leads the press service quoted the head of administration of Nogliki urban district Alexander Tugareva.

«Now our main efforts are concentrated on the release of the track from the stranded cars and the evacuation of passengers. No obstacles for snowplows will after the weather conditions improve in the short term to clear the road and fully restore the traffic,» the official added.

Heavy equipment Dolinsky road repair and construction administration reached the most Northern group of the stuck machines, where there was only one passenger car and two trucks.