The FAS has suggested to create the Bank for the loss of oil quality, learned media

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotobanka rig and gas flare marine petrochemical platform. Archival photoThe FAS has suggested to create the Bank for the loss of oil quality, learned media© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Deputy head of FAS Russia Anatoly Golomolzin at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, dedicated to the tariff «Transneft», has proposed to create a Bank of oil to companies extracting oil of sulphur, paid the rest for the decline in the quality of raw materials, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to sources.

It is noted that constantly increasing production of oil with high sulphur (according to «Transneft», at 3-3. 5 million tons per year) reduces the quality of raw materials for export, and has long been a matter of controversy between manufacturers. Thus, according to the newspaper, now with an acceptable level of sulphur in Marche Urals 1.8% of its content in the oil by «Tatneft» and «Bashneft» exceeds 2-2,3%.

FAS, the company that delivers sulphur oil, will have to compensate producers of low-sulphur oil difference between the price of its raw materials and the Urals, the newspaper writes. For the implementation of the FAS will have to request data from companies to track the movement and quality of oil all the way through the pipe, which is almost impossible: if one company refuses to provide data, the whole system will not work. While she was at an early stage of development, and it has little chance for implementation, said the source familiar with the idea of the Ministry. The FAS at the request of the publication is not answered.

According to the newspaper, your virtual Bank of oil for several years works have «Transneft». Is a software package that takes into account checked oil density and sulphur, but it is a domestic product with which it is possible to introduce only customers, said the publication adviser to the President of the company Igor Demin. According to Demin, the «Transneft» can not control the level of incoming sour crude oil, as it has no right to deny someone access to the pipe.

The most feasible way of solving the problem may be a separate pipe for sour crude oil in the port of Ust-Luga, the newspaper said. The option has been discussed for several years, but now the process has intensified, the newspaper said sources familiar with the meeting, the Deputy Minister of energy Kirill Molodtsov with oil companies last week. We are talking about using existing infrastructure with spot improvements (construction of loopings and compressor stations). According to the interlocutor of the edition, the Ministry of energy and the largest players have supported the idea, against traditionally made by manufacturers of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

According to the source the Newspapers, close to the energy Ministry, now considering two options. First, it is the construction or modernization of refineries, which were originally designed for high-sulfur oil. However, no specifics of who, in what volume and in what terms should build such refineries. Another option is the compounding of oil (controlled mixing), but this requires the appropriate infrastructure. The energy Ministry, the newspaper reported, «was the assessment of options to ensure that the quality of oil supplied to the Russian refineries, including the option of allocating sour flow in the direction of port Ust-Luga», while the final decision is made. In «Rosneft» the newspaper did not comment on the situation.