A fire in a warehouse in Kaliningrad is completely extinguished

© Fotolia / WellphotoПожарные work at the scene. Archival photoA fire in a warehouse in Kaliningrad is completely extinguished© Fotolia / Wellphoto

The fire, which began on early Tuesday morning in a warehouse in Kaliningrad on the area of 1.2 thousand square meters, completely liquidated, reports main Department of EMERCOM in the Kaliningrad region.

The message on a fire in a warehouse in the industrial area along the street Kamsky in Kaliningrad arrived in control Centre in crisis situations on Tuesday 04.35 (5.35 GMT) in the morning. The area of the fire amounted to about 1.2 thousand square meters. 7.35 in (8.35) the fire was localized. Throughout the day firefighters dismantled the structure and shed ceiling to prevent re-ignition. In the evening it was reported that «pouring» over the entire area of the fire will go tonight.

«Completely liquidated a fire in a storage building down the street Kamsky 63-And in Kaliningrad. For elimination of a fire was created grouping of forces and means of the population of 48 people, 13 units of equipment, including from EMERCOM of Russia 36 people, 10 pieces of equipment. There were no injuries», — is spoken in the message.

According to a source in the emergency services, the fire started in a detached storage building, where discarded equipment, PJSC «Sberbank» and alcoholic beverages. The amount of damage specified.