Experts: rising prices for goods ahead of an increase to wages and pensions

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The growth of prices for consumer goods and services, and therefore the expenses of Russians significantly outperform the growth of salaries and pensions in several regions of the country, especially the plight of single pensioners and families with children, according to a study from the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR).

The authors of the analytical report, which is available to RIA Novosti, the estimate, what is the minimum amount of money required per month for the most necessary expenses — food, medicines, household expenses, payment of utility services and public transport (in cities), and how much is left in the wallets of the Russians after deduction of these expenses.

«Over the past year the situation with the ratio between income and consumer expenditures of Russians not only not improved but deteriorated, as rising prices for consumer goods and services was outstripping growth of wages and pensions… In a particularly difficult situation are seniors living alone, the only source of income is pension, and families where some family members are deprived of their income (first of all, we are talking about families with young children)», — stated in the study.

The authors of the analytical material note that, for the necessary expenses of citizens takes up a large part of the income, and in some localities more than half of the budget.

In the Orenburg region operating minimum spends per month to 11.8 thousand rubles, with an average salary of 26.6 thousand rubles; in Chukotka, the costs amount to about 25 thousand rubles, with an average salary of 87 thousand rubles. However, in the Altai region with minimum spending — 13.5 thousand rubles — the average income of a local resident is equal to 22.6 thousand rubles.

Difficult situation of pensioners. Minimal spending continues to have retired from the Orenburg region — 8,7 thousand rubles, but the average pension does not exceed 12.5 thousand rubles. Spenders pensioners of Chukotka — 24,9 thousand rubles and the average pension here is 24.8 thousand rubles.

The researchers note that in Moscow the average cost of pensioners at 18.2 thousand rubles the amount of the pension is about 14.7 thousand rubles, that is, the costs far exceed the income of the person.

Families with one child and two parent working families where at least one of the adults gets the average regional salary, after required minimum spending on food, payment of utilities and transportation expenses is usually quite a bit of money.

The study notes that most of the considered regions spend family Chukotka (59.6%) and Moscow (42,7%), but in the family budget remains more than 50% of revenues. These two regions, as analysts, are still the exception. So, in the city of Biisk, Altai territory, the minimal cost to the families account for 32.4%, more than 20% higher than the average income of a family with one child. In Ekaterinburg the minimal cost to the family with one child, about 40 thousand rubles, which corresponds to almost all the household income with average wages in the region. A similar situation in Nalchik. Slightly better things in Vladivostok, Orenburg and Kemerovo region, where, after necessary expenses in the wallet of families is about 25-28% of revenues.

In November-December of 2017, CEPR conducted a study of consumer prices for basic goods and services in 12 regions (17 settlements) in different parts of the country, including in the Altai territory (Biysk city), Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Nalchik and Moscow.