In the Moscow city Duma discussing the situation with private pensions after the fire

© Photo : courtesy of Mosgorduma the Moscow city Duma. Archive photoIn the Moscow city Duma discussing the situation with private pensions after the fire© Photo : courtesy of the Moscow city Duma

Deputies of Moscow city Council discuss the situation with nekontroliruem private pensions and may take legislative action after a fire in an institution for the elderly «Warm conversation» in Kartmazovo, told RIA Novosti the Deputy of the Parliament Alexey Mishin.

In a private boarding house for older dully in Kartmazovo in new Moscow December 19 there was a fire. As reported by RIA Novosti in the Department of health of the capital, a fire 23 persons suffered. According to the SC, five of the victims in a state of moderate severity were hospitalized, all other assistance was provided on the spot.

As the Deputy noted, in the moment, for the security of private pensions are responsible directly recommend. «With regard to state budget institutions, I can tell you as a former Director of one of the houses, of course, we have constant checks pass, and every state should have an adequate fire alarm in the state must be the employee who is responsible for the security of an institution. In Moscow it produce a lot of money,» — said Mishin.

According to him, in private institutions, a system of verification and control is still not built. «So what happens in one place, another, third, this, in principle, the situation that is associated with nekontroliruem these institutions. And moreover, we understand that for example, this institution may be, no one knew and had no idea that behind the fence there is a boarding house for the elderly. Therefore, the control is still very opaque,» he said.

He said that now we are discussing the issue of making changes at the legislative level. «Communicate with colleagues, deputies of the Moscow city Duma, what they think here. On the basis of logic, on the basis of common sense, of course, you need to change this situation. Because all institutions that provide social services to the population of the city of Moscow, they should somehow be considered», — said the Deputy.

The MP also said that under the new law 442 on social services, any private enterprise can provide services completely legally, but it should be on the list or register of providers. «Basically, at the moment, nothing prevents traders to enter the registry, but they should provide a list of required documents to show where they provide services exactly where they intend to provide services, and in General, continue to be in the spectrum monitoring in the spectrum test, as they provide services. Because the quality of services it in the first place,» — said Mishin.

According to him, before the New year, it is unlikely MPs will be taken some specific measures. «This topic is, of course, roused the attention of the deputies, of course, this needs to be discussed», — said the Agency interlocutor.