Inflation for the fifth week in a row is kept at 0.1%

© Photo : Federal service of state Statisticheskaya Federal state statistics service. Archive photoInflation for the fifth week in a row is kept at 0.1%© Photo : Federal service of state statistics

Inflation in Russia from 19 to 25 December for a fifth consecutive week remained at 0.1% since the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose 2.5%, Rosstat said on Wednesday.

From 21 to 27 November, 28 November-4 December, from 5 to 11 December and from 12 to 18 December, inflation in Russia was 0.1%. From 14 to 20 November, the price growth was zero, and in the period from 8 to 13 November, inflation in Russia was also up 0.1%.

Over the past week the prices for eggs grew by 1.1%; for pork, beef, wheat and margarine – on 0,2-0,4%. At the same time the price of buckwheat decreased by 0.9%, sugar – by 0.5%, chickens, flour and sunflower oil – by 0,1-0,3%.

The growth of prices for fruit and vegetables on average was 2.3%, including tomatoes and cucumbers — on 7,7%.

The prices for automobile gasoline have grown on 0,3%, on diesel fuel – by 0.6%.

The Ministry expects that inflation in Russia by the end of 2017 will be 2.5-2.6%, month-on-month in December, the price growth accelerated to 0.4-0.5% after 0.2% in November.