Lavrentiev: Moscow hopes to help the Church in inter-Syrian settlement

© Sputnik / Bolat to Siginiture in fotosexverhalen of the Russian President on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev at the international meeting on the Syrian settlement in AstanaLavrentiev: Moscow hopes to help the Church in inter-Syrian settlement© Sputnik / Bolat to Siginiture the image Bank

The role of the Church in inter-Syrian settlement are in Moscow hope for her help and support, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Lavrentiev.

«Christians are very much moved, very much afraid of persecution — and not just Christians. Various representatives. If you take a purely national representatives of the Diaspora, as Armenians who compactly lived in the North of the country, now their just not there, because they are almost all gone. The issue of tolerance and interfaith harmony becomes acute. If the hierarchs of all the Churches contributed to the unity, harmony, cohesion, it would be great. We hope and expect», — said the Lavrentiev.