LC gave Kiev 16 people in the exchange of prisoners

© REUTERS / Valentyn Adhearance military near the bus carrying prisoners of war of DNR and LNR to the exchangeLC gave Kiev 16 people in the exchange of prisoners© REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko

The self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic was transferred to Kiev 16 people in the exchange of prisoners, they are already controlled by Ukrainian authorities of the territory of Donbass, said the official representative of the LPR militia Andrey Marochko.

Informed about the transfer of 16 people to Kiev from the LC website reported «gromadske of TV» («Public TV»), with reference to his correspondent, according to him, the exchange with the self-proclaimed DND continues. «On the territory controlled by Ukraine returned three buses with 16 Ukrainians who were in captivity of the self-proclaimed «LNR», — stated in the message.

«Sixteen prisoners of war LC handed over to the Ukrainian side,» said Marochko reporters.

On Monday, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill met in the Danilov monastery with the self-proclaimed leaders of the DNI and the LC and the leader of the public movement «the Ukrainian choice — the right of the people» Viktor Medvedchuk. According to the results, it was announced that the exchange of prisoners in the Donbass will be held on December 27 — Kiev will give the republics 306 people, and they, in turn, will give 74 people. It is the largest during the conflict in Eastern Ukraine prisoner exchange.LC gave Kiev 16 people in the exchange of prisonersThe implementation of the Minsk agreements