Ten curious discoveries 2017 version of the RIA Science

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Planinarenje Churchill allowed the flights to the moon and Mars and believed we were not alone in the UniverseTen curious discoveries 2017 version of the RIA Science© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Polyanina

. Truly scientific research knows no boundaries. It is difficult to think of any phenomenon of nature, a corner of the Universe or sphere of our life, which would not have penetrated inquisitive researchers. In the quest to learn all they sometimes cross some boundaries, brandishing the Holy open secret and deny yourself. But let’s take it to the category of curiosities. According to common thinking hard to deny that without science we’d still be running around with sticks in the savannas of East Africa.

The hobbits were separated from us

I went to the second ten years, as archaeologists are trying to determine which place on the human tree is… hobbits. So called ancient hominids whose bones found in 2003 on Flores island in Indonesia. Scientists think that these creatures meters tall — degenerate CRO-magnons or the descendants of Homo erectus. A new study casts doubt on these established views and strong adrenal hobbits. It turns out that their ancestors lived on the island for at least 700 thousand years ago, and so the branch could isolate over two million years ago. However, this is one of the many hypotheses, and it is not necessary in the near future to wait for the final solution to the riddle of man Florensky.

The orange man is more handsome

Finally revealed the secret of the attractiveness of men. Their skin needs to be orange. Well, or yellow — such conclusion was made by Chinese scientists, experimenting with the young men who took carotene. This pigment is contained in microorganisms and plants, for example carrots. People it is vital. So here is the carotene gave participated in the experiments guys yellow. And women liked them more than the whites who were not taking carotene trial participants.

The art of the pout

Silicone lips do not always make a woman attractive. They often look artificial and only repel suitors. To avoid this, cosmetologists need to read a scientific article, the authors empirically determined the tolerances for pumping lips with silicone. A slight increase in lower lip, a slight shift of the «bow» up and all, the face becomes ugly.

Smart die?

Fascination with the search for the genes of intelligence led to the discovery that very clever people will not be happy. The fact that Shine knowledge proved disadvantageous from an evolutionary point of view. Write about the scientists who conducted the analysis of the heredity of the population of Iceland. They found that on average, the island carry the gene for intelligence was in labor by 6% fewer children than others.

Grandmother provoke overeating

The outdated notion that weight is a sign of wealth and success has a negative impact on children’s health. Intermediaries are grandparents, hard skarmlivanii their grandchildren while their parents toil at work all day. This observation made by Chinese scientists who analyzed the data of surveys of families of Guangzhou. The result is an old wives ‘ education to an increasing number of urban students were diagnosed with «obesity».

Ten curious discoveries 2017 version of the RIA Science© AP PhotoНайден treatise Winston Churchill about the existence of extraterrestrial life
Churchill believed in «aliens»

At the end of 1939 Prime Minister Winston Churchill wrote a great article «are we Alone in the Universe?», but never published. The manuscript found by the Director of the Museum in Fulton (USA) and gave the astrophysicists for review. Scientists praised the treatise of a famous politician, which in a popular form expounded views on life in space, is not outdated to this day. Churchill did not consider the people the pinnacle of cosmic evolution, with the possibility that in the Universe there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies with favorable for life and conditions. Ten curious discoveries 2017 version of the RIA Science© Photo : NASAУченые figured out why some people do not believe in scientific discoveries

So were the Americans on the moon?

People stubbornly denying proven scientific and medical facts, not through ignorance or stubbornness, but out of fear to betray its own principles. To such conclusion scientists have come, some time observing the skeptics. If the event — for example, the landing of astronauts on the moon — is undermining the deep foundations of man’s faith, he does not accept it and, carefully adjusting the facts, builds its consistent version of what happened, contrary to scientific evidence. Opponents of climate change, «antireligioznik» who deny HIV, you should not convince in the forehead, throwing the figures, suggest the researchers. The first is to convey the doubters that science does not encroach on the foundations of their worldview, and then tell something new.