The government has allocated additional funds for the agricultural projects

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotomontage of the wheat harvest. Archival photoThe government has allocated additional funds for the agricultural projects© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The Russian government allocated 7.6 billion rubles of subsidies for compensation of regions the costs of creating and upgrading the facilities for agricultural projects, the relevant documents published on the government website.

«Subsidies in the total volume of 7,609 billion roubles will be allocated to co-Finance expenditure commitments associated with the compensation of direct costs incurred for the creation and modernization of agriculture, for the purchase of machinery and equipment, and the interest rate under investment credits (loans) in the agricultural sector», — stated in the message.

Just on the government website published four papers, one of them, the Cabinet approved the allocation between regions is 15.5 billion rubles for co-financing obligations associated with the modernization of agro-industrial facilities and acquire machinery and equipment. While the previous Ordinance that is repealed, these projects went 12.9 billion rubles. Thus, the government has allocated for these purposes additional 2.9 billion rubles.

In addition, for 59.55 billion roubles will be allocated to financing commitments associated with reimbursement of interest on investment loans. In this last document, which is void for this purpose were sent 58,84 billion. As explained in the Cabinet, this order is «allocated additional funds from the Federal budget for these purposes in the amount of 707,2 million rubles»

Another document regions are allocated 280,3 million rubles as subsidies to Finance costs related to establishment and modernization of agriculture. As noted, the allocation of funds will ensure the commissioning of dairy farms with a total capacity of not less than 2.4 thousand heads.

The latter document provides for the allocation of 3.7 billion roubles on financing of expenses related to compensation of interest rates on investment projects in agriculture. This refers to the implementation of 898 investment projects focused on the production of eggs, meat, vegetables and milk.