The tenants of the partially collapsed house in Izhevsk have started to return to the apartment

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Kuznetsovite in fotoangelo collapse of a residential building in IzhevskThe tenants of the partially collapsed house in Izhevsk have started to return to the apartment© RIA Novosti / Sergey Kuznetsovite the image Bank

Residents of the first three entrances of the house in Izhevsk, which has partly collapsed due to gas explosion on Wednesday had started to return to their apartments, told RIA Novosti in the government of the Udmurt Republic.

The collapse of part of a residential building in the capital of Udmurtia, from the first to the ninth floor took place on 9 November, was completely destroyed eight apartments. According to the preliminary version, the cause was an explosion of household gas. Power of the Udmurt Republic held four examination of the condition of the house to investigate the possibility of settling people in the apartment. The results of all the examinations resolved, that the house is safe, and the inhabitants of the first three entrances can return to their homes. Question by returning residents of the other entrances will be resolved after the strengthening of the frame house.

«Today, gradually began settling. First entered their apartments the residents of the first entrance. With each family specialists enter into premises, answer all questions», — explained in the regional government.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, cracks in doorways, are complaining tenants, not related to a gas explosion. «Experts have determined that the cracks are not due to a blast wave appeared, they were before. In any other house you can go and see it,» — said the representative of the Udmurt government.

Earlier inhabitants of the house wrote to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin an open letter in which he complained that the Commission did not consider their statements about the cracks between the concrete slabs, damage to joints and window constructions, loss pinned on the walls of the structures in the apartments not only next to the explosion of the entrances, but remote. Residents said that after the incident, their apartments fell five times, and asked the President to assist in resolving their housing issue.