Under Ivanovo announced a fundraiser for the tenants of the partially collapsed house

© Photo : press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Ivanovo obliterator rubble on the site of a house collapse in the town of Yuryevets in the Ivanovo region. 22 Dec 2017Under Ivanovo announced a fundraiser for the tenants of the partially collapsed house© Photo : press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia on the Ivanovo region

The administration of Yurievets district, Ivanovo region announced the collection of funds for the residents of the house where the porch collapsed, said on Tuesday the district administration.

According to the MOE, in Sochi on Friday at 6: 15 Moscow time has fallen outer wall of a five story two-access house № 33 along the street Pushkin. As the result, one of the occupants woke up, heard the crash, saw the crack on the wall and Wake the neighbors. Due to this, residents of the entrance time has left the apartment, no one was hurt. The collapse occurred in two stages: first, collapsed corner of the building, then the floor decks.

The house was examined with the help of mobile diagnostic complex «Strela-P», preliminary technical study, the house is unfit for residence. However, as explained in the MOE, for full appreciation you need to conduct some additional procedures. In the house at the time of collapse was 54, had no children. In the temporary accommodation remain 25 people, the other tenants temporarily moved to relatives.

«The administration of Yuryevets municipal district of the Ivanovo region announces the collection of donations for residents affected by the collapse of the house on Pushkin street 33a», — stated in the message.

SK filed a case on the fact of the collapse of the house under article «performance of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers» which provides till two years of imprisonment. According to the UK, tenants have appealed to the management company due to cracks on the walls of the building, and in September, the UK carried out work on strengthening the supporting structures of the house.

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