In Latvia eliminated a large laboratory for the manufacture of amphetamine

© Photo : Policijos departamentą prie VRMСотрудники police of Latvia. Archive photoIn Latvia eliminated a large laboratory for the manufacture of amphetamine© Photo : Policijos departamentą prie VRM

Latvia the state police found and dismantled a large clandestine drug lab near Riga, was seized about 45 pounds of amphetamine, which is four times more than the average removed for the year, announced at a press conference on Thursday the head of Department on fight against organized crime of the police Andrey Sinyavin.

The cost of such quantities of drugs on the illicit market is around 600 thousand euros. Discovered in the laboratory was equipped with professional equipment for the production of amphetamine in the amount of 150 thousand euros. The laboratory itself was in the building, where no one lived, said the police.

«In the course of the investigations, was arrested three people, one of whom arrested, and the others applied the preventive measure not involving deprivation of liberty. All the detainees are men aged from 30 to 40 years, who had previously come to the attention of the police,» said the Sinyavin.

During the investigation, received information that the group planned to implement drugs in the Nordic market. The police have data about nationals of other countries, which may be associated with the detainees, and now, we have been cooperating with foreign law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to justice, added the police.