Moscow and the Vatican see the same threats in the XXI century, said the Russian Ambassador

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photovacation. Archival photoMoscow and the Vatican see the same threats in the XXI century, said the Russian Ambassador© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Russia and the Vatican are brought together by common vision of the world and its future, as well as the main threats to peace in the twenty-first century, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev.

«We have a common vision of the threats and dangers of the XXI century. That’s the crucial thing that brings us together. First, we are talking about the threat of any terrorism – criminal, religious, separatist. A second threat is the weakening of non-proliferation regimes. In addition, present a special risk of the drug trafficking and the division of the world into rich and poor. We equally see the danger of socio-economic inequality and terrorism, which cause mass migration, which has become one of the most serious challenges of our time,» the Russian diplomat said.

«I would like to emphasize the commonality of the approaches of Russia and the Vatican on such an important issue as the preservation of non-proliferation regimes – nuclear, chemical, bacteriological and biological weapons and missile technology. The Vatican constantly, with notable persistence promotes the idea of preserving non-proliferation regimes,» — said Avdeev.

However, he did not rule out that Moscow and the Holy see, the solution of this problem may be «different techniques». For example, the Vatican signed the Treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons, the decision on which was adopted at the session of the UN General Assembly in December 2016, and Russia has distanced itself from this agreement.

«However, the meaning of action is the same. The Vatican said that the need to eliminate nuclear weapons, but on the basis of preservation of equality and indivisibility of security. And the same is said, commenting on the Treaty during his penultimate annual press conference, the President of Russia», — said the Ambassador.

Avdeev also mentioned the disturbing and the Russian Federation, and the Vatican of the dangers of unregulated globalization, which is intimately connected with neoliberal values.

«In fact neo-liberalism is the direct opposite of liberalism. After all, the neoliberal focus only on the problems and rights of the individual, but the whole set of responsibilities when it disappears. The Vatican believes that the Internet and other mechanisms of globalization, the model in which rights and responsibilities are balanced, leading to serious strains in civil societies. The Vatican insists that globalization should not deform the Christian moral-ethical values,» — noted conversationalist RIA Novosti.