Need help to develop alternative pension system, said the head of the FIU

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotoreceptor of the Board of the Pension Fund Anton Drozdov. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/12/41ef7563b3071077a90533615105c44f.jpg" alt="Need help to develop alternative pension system, said the head of the FIU" />© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

It is necessary to stimulate the development of corporate and voluntary pension systems in Russia, says the head of the FIU Anton Drozdov

In an interview with TV channel «Russia 24» Drozdov said that it is planned the development of the three levels of the pension system. «The first is public, mandatory pillar and here was conducted fairly big change. For example, increased number of years for purpose of pension — 9 years, then increased the minimum number of points», — he explained.

«Also the second level is the corporate system that needs to evolve, and currently there is a provision in the law that encourage the development of corporate systems for those working in harmful and dangerous conditions, and those jobs are in this area», — said the head of the FIU.

And, of course, added Drozdov «voluntary pension system, entirely voluntary system.» «Basically it is the enterprises of fuel and energy complex, transport, Finance, they need to increase these systems to encourage their development,» he said.

All three of these areas are the subject and concern of the government, spotted thrushes, adding that FIU is primarily responsible for the first direction. «The public system need to improve, not to reform, in my view,» he added.