PFUR is planning to increase the share of foreign students in the University of up to 40%

© Photo : Redstone PFUR. Archive photoPFUR is planning to increase the share of foreign students in the University of up to 40%© Photo : people’s friendship University

The multinational University of the Russian University of peoples ‘ friendship (RUDN), which today are taught by representatives from 155 countries and intends to increase the share of foreign students by up to 40% by 2020, told RIA Novosti in an educational institution.

«People’s friendship University — the most international University in Russia. Among them are representatives of 155 countries, 500 of nationalities. The ratio of foreign students we are in 53rd place in the world ranking Times Higher Education is the only Russian University in the TOP 100 on this index», — told RIA Novosti the rector of the University Vladimir Filippov.

As reported in the press service of the institution in the past year PFUR scored more than 3.6 thousand students from abroad, 73% of them from foreign countries. With more than half of foreigners (53.6 per cent) are learning «on the contract». «By 2020, the proportion of foreigners among the Russian students will increase to 40%», — noted in higher education institution.

According to the press service, currently the share of foreign students in PFUR is 35%.

«We start working with potential students and their parents long before the arrival: hold meetings, talk about the conditions of education and life in Russia. Our teachers go to universities and give lectures. Their task is to represent the University. Also disseminate through the Association of our alumni work in social networks. Conduct presentations, round tables, meetings at the embassies of foreign countries, where talk about their capabilities,» — said Vice-rector for international activities of Larisa Efremova.

According to the University, the most the University has students from Asia (about 1.4 thousand people), second place – the CIS countries and Baltic States (almost 900 people), the third – Africa (almost 500 people). From the Middle East and North Africa to study, this year studying more than 360 people, of America – 313, Europe – almost 190 people.

The University for foreigners

The peoples ‘ friendship University was established in 1960 specifically for teaching foreign students. Now, according to the University, study here about 8 thousand foreign students, and the number of countries come here to study has steadily increased. In 2017 among students were drawn from Saudi Arabia and Honduras.

As explained in the University, peoples ‘ friendship University initially focused on training national personnel for Africa and Latin America. These regions remain the focus of attention today – in medicine, engineering, interdisciplinary studies, international projects. For example, peoples ‘ friendship University signed an agreement with the Dominican Republic concerning the education of residents, and South Africa sent 140 children to study in agricultural technology and medical fields. Similar projects the University has with Namibia, Angola, Ecuador, Chile. In addition, people’s friendship University, noted that relations with the countries of Asia and the Middle East are also traditionally strong.

As noted in the University, Europe has not allocated a priority region, but the number of students from there is gradually increasing thanks to the development of interuniversity cooperation, including through joint educational programs with leading universities. Thus, the program Erasmus+ to study were 12 participants from six universities of Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, 22 Russian students went to study in eight countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Romania, France.

In addition, the network of universities of the CIS and SCO training 121 student, 90 of which received education on a contract basis. Under agreements of interuniversity cooperation in the people’s friendship University 101 the student came from 21 University of Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, France.

People’s friendship University in the world

As reported in the school, in 2017 the people’s friendship University has developed and begun to implement a system of clustered interactions with foreign partners. The cluster «South Africa» has already begun to work on academic, research areas, in projects with potential employers of the region.

Besides, the PFUR has signed an agreement with the Ministry of higher education of Zambia and opened the Center of Russian language and pre-University training. In this center can learn not only the citizens of Zambia and neighboring countries such as Angola and South Africa. Then they will be able to come to Russia to continue training. Also developed a cluster system for cooperation of PFUR in other parts of Africa, Latin America, the middle East.

PFUR is planning to increase the share of foreign students in the University of up to 40%© Integratiecentrum applicants have simplified the selection of your University in Huniversity also carries out Open Olympiad for foreign students and graduates of foreign universities. In 2017, it has been 33 Olympiad in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Russian language, law / social studies in 13 countries (Angola, Armenia, Gambia, India, Jordan, Kenya, China, Lebanon, Colombia, Mongolia, Nepal, Turkey, and Ecuador). Only in 2017 in the Olympic games of PFUR took part about two thousand persons, and up 38 winners enrolled at the University of friendship of peoples.

As noted in the University, in 2017 the people’s friendship University worked on the development of a network of specialized classes in Vietnam, Jordan, China, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, opened new classes in Brazil, great Britain, Dominican Republic, India, Jordan, Turkey, Ecuador and Cuba. In 2018, the people’s friendship University intends to open such a center in Lebanon.