Pushkov called Ukraine a «country of the year» by the damage itself

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vulkanesti in fotobanka of Ukraine in Kiev. Archival photoPushkov called Ukraine a «country of the year» by the damage itself© RIA Novosti / Alexei Walkerite the image Bank

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov summed up the «achievements» of Ukraine in the past year. His conclusions he shared on Twitter.

One of the main achievements of Ukraine, the Senator has called the blockade of Donbas, initiated by the official Kiev. The price of such a step, according to Pushkov, cost the country 1% of GDP or $ 1.8 billion, in connection with what Pushkov called Ukraine a «country of the year» by causing itself damage.»

Ukraine — «country of the year» by causing itself damage. The price of the blockade of Donbass: 1% of GDP — 1.8 billion. Moreover, the blockade imposed Ukraine itself.

— Alexei Pushkov (@Alexey_Pushkov) 27 Dec 2017

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman declared that from-for economic blockade of Donbass, the country’s economy was pasla damages equal to one percent of GDP. The official said that Kiev is necessary to increase production of domestic energy resources and to export them abroad.

In January 2017 the radicals blocked the export from the territory of the breakaway DNI and LC of any cargoes, including coal. This has led to a shortage of fuel in Ukraine. While Donetsk and Lugansk Republic have found a way out of the situation and started to export coal to third countries. The Council of national security and defense of Ukraine has approved the proposal March 15 full freight transport blockade beyond the control of Kiev territories of Donbass. This measure will be in effect until businesses in the DNI and LC will not be back under Ukrainian jurisdiction.