Putin acknowledged the explosion at St. Petersburg the «Crossroads» of a terrorist attack

© Photo national anti-terrorism comiclopedia explosion in shop Intersection in St. Petersburg. 27 Dec 2017Putin acknowledged the explosion at St. Petersburg the «Crossroads» of a terrorist attack© Photo national anti-terrorism Committee

Vladimir Putin called the blast in Saint-Petersburg the attack.

He also instructed the intelligence services with the detention of terrorists in the event of a threat to «liquidate bandits in the place.»

«By the way, yesterday instructed the Director of the Federal security service when working with these bandits, with their detention act, of course, within the law, only the law, but under the threat of life and health of our employees, our officers, act decisively, no one prisoner to take,» — said the head of state.

Yesterday in shop «the Crossroads» on Kondratyevsky Prospekt explosion. It’s a device Packed with striking elements, with a capacity of 200 grams of TNT.

With the explosion 13 people, eight of them were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. All victims will receive three hundred thousand rubles from the reserve Fund of the Governor.

Criminal case about attempt at murder of several persons committed publicly dangerous method. The UK continues to work on all versions, including a terrorist attack.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on Putin’s speech, said that the FSB is designed to be tough against the organizers of terrorist attacks.

He stressed that the President’s words «mean very hard intention of the President to continue consistent and purposeful activities to combat terrorism.»

So, the Kremlin does not believe the explosion defect of intelligence. Peskov added that the President is constantly receiving information from law enforcement.

According to him, the explosion can be considered a terrorist act, as was used submunitions. However, it is advised to seek review in law enforcement agencies.

Sands also called the incorrect assertion that Saint Petersburg has become more vulnerable to attacks. According to him, the threat of terrorism is anywhere, it must be fought by joint efforts of all countries.

He noted that sometimes these efforts can be successfully combined, and some attacks are prevented, «as it was with the case with a signal that came from US intelligence».

Anti-terrorism legislation to tighten the is not necessary

According to the Senator Franz Klintsevich, early to talk about tougher anti-terrorism laws after the blast in Saint-Petersburg.

«Now in hot pursuit can assume that not exactly professionally worked security store. A terrorist left a backpack in a cell for some time hung around in the store, and then left it, not even approaching the cell. Alas, security is not tracked, although it should have been,» — said the legislator.

According to him, very much depends on the professionalism of the people who are on duty are designed to ensure safety.

«This is, in my opinion, to do in the first place. Indeed, in tasks of the same protection should include not only catching petty thieves», — said Klintsevich.

According to the President of the international Association of veterans of division of Antiterror «alpha» Sergei Goncharov, the explosion will not overshadow the celebration of New year in Russia.

«And let our enemies are counting on our lack of energy», — he added.

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