The expert estimated the chances of recovery of the satellite «AngoSat-1»

© Photo : KTS «southern»/TsENKI/ROSCOSMOS Baikonur made the launch of the carrier rocket Zenit-3F with the upper stage Fregat and SPACECRAFT Angosat. 26 Dec 2017The expert estimated the chances of recovery of the satellite «AngoSat-1»© Photo : KTS «southern»/TsENKI/ROSCOSMOS

The first telecommunications satellite of Angola’s AngoSat-1, most likely, completely out of order, but «Ghost» a chance for his recovery remains, says academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Alexander Zheleznyakov.

Previously in Rocket-space Corporation (RKK) «Energy» confirmed RIA Novosti that the experts continue to work on restoring communications. Satellite communication was never released.

«Most likely, it’s not good. The crash, which occurred on Board, while his reason is not clear until the end, but most likely, it was fatal. Non solar and the loss of connection, it turns out that the device has failed completely,» said Zheleznyakov.

He noted that finally talk about the loss of the device so far, but even if the satellite link can be restored, it is unlikely that you can count on his full time job.

«Of course, a slim chance remains, it happened that such devices, which fail in the first knocks his flight, then, after a considerable time, still been in contact, but the chances of that are extremely low, even if the satellite and make contact, it is unlikely that it can be used for other purposes,» — said Zheleznyakov.

Angosat was launched into orbit by the rocket «Zenit», which was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome at 22: 00 GMT on 26 December. After eight minutes the regular flight of the rocket has separated the upper stage «Fregat», which brought the satellite into the proper orbit at 6.55 GMT 27 Dec. Later the source in the space industry told RIA Novosti that the satellite has ceased to flow telemetry. RSC «Energia» was recognized the loss of communication with the device. The spacecraft was created in RSC Energia on the basis of the new service platform, consisting of components manufactured in Russia, is its weight 1647 kg.

The expert estimated the chances of recovery of the satellite «AngoSat-1»© Infographicsrussia: 60 years on-orbit