The Moscow city Duma promises to constantly work on the issue of separate waste collection

© RIA Novosti / Kirill Callingconvention for separate waste collection. Archival photoThe Moscow city Duma promises to constantly work on the issue of separate waste collection© RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov

The Moscow city Duma in 2018 will continuously work on the issue of separate waste collection, said Wednesday the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov.

«At the moment any changes in the Moscow legislation (in the sphere of separate waste collection) is not required. But in connection with changes in Federal legislation, of course, we will carefully to study,» he said.

While Shaposhnikov expressed confidence that the Moscow city Duma «in 2018 is not something that will come back to this issue, but will be over it constantly to work.»

On Tuesday, the Federation Council approved the law, which at the legislative level establishes separate waste collection in Russia, and also contains measures to encourage enterprises and the Russians to separate waste collection. The law specifies the concept of «waste collection», «accumulation of waste», «wastes from the use of goods». Territorial plans for waste management before their approval will have to undergo the procedure of public discussion. Also establishes the requirements to sites of waste accumulation.

Regions will be required to hold public hearings and coordinate with the citizens of the territorial scheme for the disposal of waste, including the location of landfills, incinerators and waste recycling plants, marshalling yards. The document will give the regions more powers in the definition of territorial plans for waste disposal that used at the Federal level was consistent with the RPN.