The power of words to help the medicine

© Photo : Centre for the psychological support of a person by the method of academician G. N. Citiacademy Georgy SytinThe power of words to help the medicine© Photo : Centre for the psychological support of a person by the method of academician G. N. Sytin

«No.» With the brutal verdict of doctors — a lifetime disability (he was only 20) he could not agree. Stubbornly repeated: «I reject all sickness, I get stronger… My body obeys me perfectly». Subsequently Sytin realized how therapeutic it can act.

George N. Sytin — four doctor of science, academician of the International Academy of Sciences (Munich). Has the cavalier and commander of the international order «Science. Education. Culture» gold medal «For scientific merits» and silver medal «Honorary Professor». Doctor of philosophy (Brussels), President of the International University George Sytin (Brussels — Moscow — new York), Vice-President of the world information distributed University.

The emergence of the method of persuasion

The young soldier, after being seriously wounded at the front he was discharged an invalid of the first category. Left the hospital on crutches and with vials of medicines which left him doctor.

It was at this point George decided to cure himself by means of persuasion and began to study in this direction. «I am strong and healthy person, able to fully control your body, your feelings. The pain is gone forever from my body. Every cell in my body is healthy, strong,» was his first attitude. 50 years of the author after passing medical Commission in the military unconditionally, was found fit for work — no restrictions! The case became one of a kind.

When sytinu turned 86 years old, he underwent a thorough medical examination, which revealed that his biological indices correspond to age… 40 years.

The method Sytina includes not only text, but also a way to correctly read and write. This treatment is safe and can be used without the help of others. The technique enables a person to control the heart rhythm, blood pressure, cerebral and coronary circulation, and other physiological functions. This attitude creates the emotional environment of the patient which contributes to the resumption and strengthening the work of individual organs and the whole organism. With the development of moods exercise self-control over the physical and psychological state.

Method of persuasion fully enters the patient into the therapeutic process, gives the opportunity to work on their health, awakens the understanding, interest, strengthens the memory. This method not only cures, but also new forms of man. Moods designed in such a way that they give the opportunity to the patient to see the images of healthy, young, full of energy and joy yourself, push to work on their health.

Russian and foreign psychologists experimentally proved that it is caused by the impulses give rise to a strong signal in the brain that gives the command and the entire body become healthy. And the improvement of the body once again proves the effectiveness of the method SOEVUS the state of the organism.

Experimental work

The team of doctors started in the late 50-ies in the application of the method in different spheres of life. To implement this activity in the larger volume needed to explore further new areas: pedagogy, philosophy, medicine, psychology and many more, which have been tried method. A new method of healing used in the training of astronauts, in particular of Yuri Gagarin. The astronauts first to appreciate the advantages of the method. The author has written more than 25 thousand moods to prepare for different loads and also to restore health after returning from orbit. When the health of the cosmonaut Vitaly Mikhailovich Zholobov was under threat, but the medicine was powerless, he was brought to the Creator of the method. George N. saved the pilot from paralysis. After a flight into space have emerged a serious disorder of the nervous system. The author has applied his moods for the recovery of the hero, the result appeared the same day. All this happened in front of the head of the support group of the cosmonaut training Center V. N. Kolesova.

Minister of instrument making of the USSR invited the doctor to establish a production system of psychological support developed special instruments to measure the impact of the words on the body. When measuring brain potentials arrow devices using sensors showed the slightest changes in physiological condition of the patient, recording which words have the greatest effect on the organs. Methods Sytin began to be used in factories, for example at the Moscow plant «Crystal», the result is an increase in productivity. Somos implemented method for training of rescuers all over the country and in Central viamobile international division, which experts save people around the world.

In Kaluga the University increased efficiency of teachers, students better understand the curriculum. Sytin did a great job with our athletes. Preparing for competitions, the doctor offered to athletes to mentally visualize their victory and the defeat of the enemy. The method was tested in 12 sports. The Committee DOSAAF of the Soviet Union introduced a method SOEVUS in the preparation of athletes-shooters across the country. Later in the publications mentioned about the contribution of George N. in the development of sport: Igor Raenko he spent three days before the competition on the stability of the nervous system, and in the USSR championship he showed the norm of master of sports of international class, Victor Potapov won the championship of the world on a catamaran.

Successful activities were appreciated by the leaders of the Soviet Union. The doctor invited the members of the party Central Committee and the Presidium of the Supreme Council.

In 1990, the President of the Council of Ministers Kosygin, with the Ministry of health established the scientific center of psychological support of the person by the method SOEVUS. The center has developed a new methodology of psychological support of the population. At the initiative of the government of Russia, it was reviewed and approved by the Presidium of the Academy of medical Sciences. The centre, established with the help of Sytin is free treatment salon on site, patients have the opportunity to listen moods in a welcoming environment. The results of the recovery, the positive changes seen in all visitors. Done for decades work has shown the effectiveness of the method through the mobilization abilities of the individual, forces of self-preservation and self-improvement, but also — producing a meaningful approach to their health.

The power of words to help the medicine© Fotolia / Captblack76Ученый: the transition from faith in immortality to the knowledge of bessmertnika psychological support to George Sytin in Moscow and works after the death of its founder. The salon holds free lectures on absorption and selection of moods. The author’s family continues the management of the centre George Nikolaevich. Until the last day doctor has created a new set that have not yet been published. These texts are aimed at rejuvenation and healing of the body.
Medicine around the world working on life extension in a variety of ways. Many people understand that with a strong desire a person can improve their health faster. The will of the patient plays a sometimes decisive role. If the patient is passive, that the efforts of doctors can be negated. The doctor must teach the patient the method of work. Unfortunately, in practice we see otherwise: the doctor lacks knowledge and practices in this area need appropriate training.

From early childhood, parents and science have the opportunity to teach people about healthy lifestyles. The thoughts of a man can define many things: like health and success, and to provoke the disease and attract failure.