«The secret is in his mustache and beard»: why Orthodoxy will not leave Ingushetia

© Photo : Julia Maculatodorcadion Vainakh tower in the mountains of Ingushetia«The secret is in his mustache and beard»: why Orthodoxy will not leave Ingushetia© Photo : Julia Makoveckaya Mikheev

The city was formerly the Sunzha Cossack village of Sleptsovskaya. He survived the expulsion of the Cossacks, the deportation of the Ingush, conflicts with neighbors and attacks by militants, and the two Chechen wars was literally two kilometers. Now there’s even comfortable — in the narrow streets, happy cats, a small café serves traditional dumplings with meat and capillas (it’s delicious). In the centre of the former village is Novo-Sinai monastery with the single Ingushetia functioning Orthodox Church of the Holy virgin. On how to live the fragments of the Terek Cossacks, why the Caucasus is so appreciated the mutual respect and what will become of the most ancient Ingush temple — in the material RIA Novosti.

«We co-exist on mutual respect. God forbid, if someone is going to lose respect — you will get another war. And respect is unthinkable, if you are afraid. Muslims are cowards and can not be called a Christian just can not be afraid — in the words of the Apostle and Evangelist (John. — Approx. ed.). Will succeed», — says the priest.

A dream about a temple and priest for warriors

In the mountains South of the Sunzha is the ancient Christian temple Thaba-Erdy. According to legend, it was built by the Georgians when the highlanders were pagans. On the neighboring ridges, as if guarding him, towering dozens of legendary Ingush towers. Still restless, at the foot of the temple are two large outposts of the border troops, and the steep roads constantly goes armor. The dream of the father Pachomius, was to revive in the Church.

«Here could live a military chaplain is to help soldiers. Unfortunately, this institution revived only on paper, in his life yet. Because the position of Deputy commander for educational work among the believer of the composition is one thing, but to live and Drudge soldiers is quite another. And it is, I think, purely monastic,» — said the father Pachomius.

© Photo : Julia Makulaturowe Christian temple Thaba-Erdy, Sunzha, Ingushetia«The secret is in his mustache and beard»: why Orthodoxy will not leave Ingushetia© Photo : Julia Makulaturowe Christian temple Thaba-Erdy, Sunzha, Ingushetia

According to the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchy on interaction with Armed forces and law enforcement agencies in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan with the guidance of military units involved 10 priests. The soldiers of the Federal army and officials of other law enforcement units make up at least half of the parishioners of almost all churches in the territory of the three republics. Here was significantly affected by the outflow of Russian in turbulent years.

«Who do you need Orthodoxy here, in Ingushetia? Soldiers? The latest Cossacks? Power?» — I am interested in.

«Orthodoxy in Ingushetia need first and foremost to Christ himself. And so it will never go away» — pause, replies the monk.