The source said the establishment of the satellite «Angosat-1»

© Photo : RKK Energycommerce apparatus AngosatThe source said the establishment of the satellite «Angosat-1»© Photo : RKK Energiya

Specialists RSC «Energia» has managed to restore lost in the environment communication with the first satellite of Angola «Angosat-1» and receive the telemetry, but how stable will further the work of the unit, time will tell, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

«According to preliminary data, the «Angaston» was installed, it received new telemetry data. But to talk about how you can behave on the spacecraft, will be able to restore its performance as a whole and whether the satellite staff to work for the intended purpose in full, is premature: it is necessary to wait for definitive conclusions about the causes of the incident,» — said the source.

On Wednesday, RSC Energia has officially recognized the loss of communication with the device. Informed source RIA Novosti reported that experts expect to «recover» the satellite.

According to another source, the replacement of electronic components and a number of power supply systems for official platform of the first Angolan satellite angosat created in RSC «Energia» could affect the loss of communication with the apparatus.

Initially, the project envisaged the creation of a communications satellite with a few other electronic components. The contract on creation «Angosat» between RSC Energia and the Ministry of telecommunications and information technologies of Angola was signed in 2009. After the imposition of sanctions, a considerable part of the foreign component base, most likely, had to change in the domestic or Chinese. All this could affect the compatibility with the systems in orbit.

The fact that the number of components «Angosat» had to be replaced because of the sanctions, earlier it was reported officially, but the objective difficulties encountered in the process of long-term contracts, has been resolved thanks to the joint efforts of RSC Energia and Roskosmos. In particular, it was said that «there were organized international cooperation, solved the problem of import substitution of electronic components for the service platform of the spacecraft».

Angosat was insured with Russian insurance companies «SOGAZ and VTB Insurance» to 121 million dollars.

Angosat was launched into orbit by the rocket «Zenit», which was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome at 22: 00 GMT on 26 December. After eight minutes the regular flight of the rocket has separated the upper stage «Fregat», which was duivel the satellite into the proper orbit at 6.55 GMT 27 Dec. Later the source in the space industry told RIA Novosti that the satellite has ceased to flow telemetry.

The spacecraft was created in RSC Energia on the basis of the new service platform, consisting of components manufactured in Russia, is its weight 1647 kg. The satellite is equipped with electric propulsion, allowing for a long final ascent and correction of orbital position. In satellite angosat was first applied to a created in RSC Energia stand virtual reality.