Viewers of the TV show «the Voice» in the final of the competition will be able to help the «Charity»

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinakovaya show VoiceViewers of the TV show «the Voice» in the final of the competition will be able to help the «Charity»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

Viewers of the TV project «the Voice» will be able to help ward of the Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy», says the joint press release of the First channel and the service of charity.

«In the First channel 29 of December will be the final show of «the Voice», the results of which will determine the winner of the project. The income of the First channel and other partners, assembled during the audience voting this Friday, will be transferred to the Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy», — said the press Secretary of the service Dean Skvortsova.

Earlier, the head of the Orthodox service Bishop Panteleimon (Shatov) stated that «Mercy» was in a serious financial crisis, and some projects help services are on the verge of closing.

«All together, teaming up to help those who are in trouble, we prove that in this world there is love,» said Bishop Panteleimon, commenting on the initiative of the channel.

In 2015, the show «the Voice» has helped the «Charity», and then thanks to their assistance managed to raise almost 21 million rubles, said in a release.

As reported a press-service of the First channel these funds in 2016, has been hired nurses for 78 of seriously ill and older people, organized assistance to the visiting palliative care services to 90 families with critically ill children have been provided social support to hundreds of homeless people. Another 5 million rubles from the funds collected were directed to provide all necessary 12 children with down syndrome living in the Elizabethan orphanage in Moscow. In addition, the «2 million went to the work of the crisis center «Home for mom» service «Mercy» — this was enough for two and a half months of work of the centre, where pregnant women find shelter and receive comprehensive assistance,» said the channel.

Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy» — one of the oldest and largest charity organizations in Russia. For 26 years the service has received the aid of hundreds of thousands of people. Today «Mercy» brings together 27 social projects. Their members provide assistance to orphans, lonely elderly people, critically ill children and adults, including a rare incurable diagnoses, such as BASS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), homeless people, HIV-infected, pregnant women in crisis situations.