«A terrorist attack» in St. Petersburg are stepping up security after explosion

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty in fotoracconti of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation during the investigation of the events at the store Intersection in St. Petersburg. 28 Dec 2017«A terrorist attack» in St. Petersburg are stepping up security after explosion© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty the image Bank

After an explosion in a store in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, the city authorities plan to discuss the security arrangements with retailers. Moreover, the representatives of retail chains have already reported about strengthening of security measures in relation to the storage cells. In addition, after the explosion Petersburg metro has conducted additional training with the relevant services.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the blast in Saint-Petersburg the attack. The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov said that the system for preventing terrorist acts in Russia are quite effective, but minimal risks still remain. To prevent such an emergency important activity of citizens and public organizations, said the head of Department.

On Wednesday evening in the store «Crossroads» on Kondratyevsky Avenue in St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred. The RF IC reported that, according to preliminary data, the cause of the explosion was a device Packed with striking elements, equivalent in power to 200 grams of TNT. Upon explosion criminal case on attempted murder of several persons committed publicly dangerous method.

All injured 13 people, at the moment in hospitals there are six persons.

The Committee for entrepreneurship and consumer market of St. Petersburg intends to discuss the strengthening of security measures with representatives of the company X5 Retail Group, managing retail networks «Pyaterochka», «Perekrestok» and «Karusel» and other retailers, told journalists the head of the Committee, Algis Kachaev.

«Now came the leadership of the security service of X5 Retail Group in St. Petersburg. Now we will have a meeting where we will discuss what additional measures can be entered… With other retailers too (we’ll discuss this issue). We will send relevant email offers, we collect opinions… it needs a package of measures,» he said.

According to him, retailers are interested in the corresponding security measures, to persuade anyone not necessary.Meanwhile, the retail network in Russia tightens security in relation to storage.

«The company «Lenta» has strengthened security measures in all stores of the network in Saint-Petersburg and the region. Luggage storage are closed and not used, an additional control», — told RIA Novosti press-service «Tapes».

Retailer Dixy from today and until January 9, passes to the strengthened mode of safety and antiterrorist security of shops and adjacent areas.

«Namely, in the course of the working day the staff, representatives of security companies and private security companies-partners making the rounds of the business object to detect left unattended bags and suspicious items, hourly consumer verified the contents of the cells in the storage chambers, monitoring the cash area on the subject of abandoned, forgotten things», — told RIA Novosti the representative of «Dixie» Vladimir Rusanov.»This is a temporary measure, camera storage will come back for the convenience of customers as you finish checking», — told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the retailer. Control in stores of X5 Retail networks «Perekrestok», «Pyaterochka», «Carousel» — was reinforced on Wednesday.

After the explosion at the supermarket Petersburg metro, where the new year period enhanced security mode, conducted additional training with the relevant services.

«Additional security measures imposed in metro along with the beginning of mass actions in preparation for the celebration of the New year, and with the explosion it had nothing to do. However, after this incident and conducted additional training services to ensure transport security», — told RIA Novosti on Thursday, press Secretary sue «Petersburg underground» Julia shavel.

Putin: a terrorist attack

The Russian President called the explosion in St.-Petersburg the attack. «You know, yesterday in St. Petersburg was a terrorist act», — he said at a meeting with officers-participants of military operation in Syria, Recalling that recently, the FSB has blocked the attempt of another terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Putin said the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov instructed to act within the law against those who are hatching plans to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia, but in the case of threat to employees that the criminals must be eliminated.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin is in constant communication with representatives of intelligence services on the issue of the investigation of the incident in St. Petersburg.

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The system is effective, but there are risks

Peskov also said that the Kremlin does not believe the explosion defect of intelligence.

«A terrorist attack» in St. Petersburg are stepping up security after explosion© Photo national anti-terrorism komitetu the Kremlin does not believe the explosion in St. Petersburg by a defect of intelligence»No, I do not. As identify some of the details these details are analyzed, reported to the President. On the basis of those reports the head of state makes his final decision,» said Sands, answering the question whether the Kremlin miscalculation of the intelligence of what happened in St. Petersburg, given that the original version of the attack was denied.

In addition, according to Peskov, the question that Saint Petersburg has become more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, is incorrect; terrorism is a danger for any locality in the world.

In turn, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has told RIA Novosti that the system for preventing terrorist acts in Russia are quite effective, but minimal risks still remain.

«Of course, it was a tragic accident, unfortunately, people got hurt. And I have to say that in Russian Federation there is a fairly effective system of prevention, the prevention of such phenomena. And the risks are minimal, but they remain» — said the Minister, answering the question about the consequences of a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Puchkov noted that to prevent terrorist attacks in addition to the work of the relevant services «very important active, energetic work of all citizens, public organisations, because the purpose of such actions is to destabilize the situation, to intimidate the people.»

The consequence fulfils all versions

«A terrorist attack» in St. Petersburg are stepping up security after explosion© Photo national anti-terrorism confefrence expressed solidarity with Russia after the terrorist attack in Saint-Peterburga IC preliminary data, the improvised explosive device filled with shrapnel, exploded in one of the storage rooms of the store.

As reported on Thursday the official UK representative Svetlana Petrenko, the investigation continues to work on all versions of causes of the explosion, including a terrorist attack.

«The investigation is in the active stage, and we continue to work on all versions, including a terrorist attack,» she said.

Help the victims

The explosion injured a total of 13 people. On Thursday morning two of the wounded were discharged from the hospital, remains hospitalized six people, reported the Vice-the Governor Anna Mityanina.

The Governor of St. Petersburg ordered to prepare the order about rendering of material aid to the victims. As reported the press Secretary of the Governor Andrey Kibito, from the reserve Fund for each victim will be paid 300 thousand rubles.