An Estonian citizen of Poles, liberated by the court in Ukraine, returned home

© Photo : an Account of the GPU in FacebookУкраинское justice. Archive photoAn Estonian citizen of Poles, liberated by the court in Ukraine, returned home© Photo : an Account of the GPU in Facebook

An Estonian citizen Vladimir Polyakov, accused of participating in combat operations on the Luhansk region and liberated by the Ukrainian court, returned home, said on Friday his lawyer Tatyana Montyan.

«Arrived safely home!» — Montyan wrote on his page on the social network Facebook was published.

According to her, after the deduction of the Polyakov from 18 to 27 December in the filtration camp and delisting on the exchange of prisoners officers of the SBU on Thursday evening brought the man to her house and left on the street. She noted that the Poles took flight to Riga, where he was transfer to Tallinn.

Lisichansk the Luhansk oblast court of December 18, Polyakova sentenced to five years and eight months imprisonment. However, the court took into account time spent in jail during the pretrial investigation, and one day is considered for two, and released him in the courtroom.

The Estonian government on 16 December 2015, took the decision on the results Polyakova Ukraine, noting that he had received a petition of Kiev, «based on the European Convention on extradition of accused and the Estonian-Ukrainian agreement on legal assistance and legal relations in civil and criminal cases». It was issued to the Ukrainian authorities on 30 June 2016. Kiev accuses Polyakova in «armed resistance to forces of anti-terrorist operations during the battle for Lugansk, content hostage of those forces, carrying and possession of firearms».

Poles were arrested in Estonia in February 2015. The criminal case against him was initiated on the basis of the Estonian security police information. The investigation was also attracted by the Prosecutor’s office of Estonia, the investigative bodies of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Ukraine held the largest during the conflict in the Donbass and first 15 months of the exchange of prisoners. Kiev handed over 73 people, the DNI and the LC — 165 and 73 people respectively.