Apple has seized the rights to the name Steve jobs

© AP Photo / Paul Sakuma, FileГенеральный Apple CEO Steve jobs shows the iPhone in the MacWorld conference Expo. 9 January 2007Apple has seized the rights to the name Steve jobs© AP Photo / Paul Sakuma, File

Italian businessmen Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato won a legal dispute with Apple over the right of commercial use of the name Steve jobs, according to High Snobiety.

In 2012, the brothers registered the trademark Steve Jobs, who at the time was free. According to them, Apple is «not even thought» about how to draw right on the name of the founder of the company.

The intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO) recognized lawful registration in 2014, however, the proceedings with Apple lasted another three years. Italian businessmen insisted that the name Steve jobs is not legally assigned to the American company. In addition, the dispute revolved around the company’s logo Steve Jobs — «bitten» on the side of the Latin letter J. According to the lawyers Apple, symbols of both brands is similar to the point of confusion. The court with this argument did not agree.

Under the brand Steve Jobs produced various clothing. The Barbato brothers plan to release under the trademark and smartphones, however, on the Android platform.

Italian apparel company wins legal battle to use Steve Jobs’ name

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