Lavrov declined to name the chief «moron» of world politics

© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability in fotomancer of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. Archival photoLavrov declined to name the chief «moron» of world politics© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability the image Bank

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov refused to call the chief «moron» of world politics in response to a direct question a leading comic program «international sawmill» on NTV Tigran Keosayan.

Keosayan asked the Minister, who today is the main «moron» in international politics. «You know, I don’t even want to name names, not to offend anyone. Disregard this issue,» Lavrov said. The recording of the fragment of the transmission, which will be on Saturday, posted on the website of the TV channel NTV.

The issue arose in connection with the incident of 2015, when at a press-conference laurels, as it seemed to many, barely audible said «morons,» adding another strong word. Expression immediately became popular.

Online discussion: who all the same was addressed to this appeal. The most popular version – Lavrov pissed off photographers who tried to capture every movement of the Minister and blinded him with the flash. The head of the Russian MFA of what happened some time later explained: «I didn’t lose my temper. Sorry, well I’m not one to get into a situation when the microphone is not muted».