Media reported about the secret agreement between the U.S. and Israel directed against Iran

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotobanka. Archival photoMedia reported about the secret agreement between the U.S. and Israel directed against Iran© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Israel and the United States during a secret meeting in the White house has developed a joint strategic programme to deter Iran, according to the Tenth channel of Israel.

According to the channel, November 12, arrived in the United States, the delegation of Israeli officials from the defense sector, headed by national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat. During the visit, the Israelis met with American colleagues from the Department of defense and intelligence under the leadership of the national security adviser of US President Herbert McMaster.

According to a source in the American government, following two days of negotiations, the U.S. and Israel signed a «Memorandum of understanding on the Iranian issue.» The document envisages establishment of four working groups that will focus on several key issues related to Iranian nuclear and ballistic programmes and the supply of weapons to the region.

According to the channel, the first working group will focus on «secrecy and diplomatic work for the abolition of Iran’s nuclear program». The aim of the second group will be «limiting the presence of Iran in the region, particularly in Syria and Lebanon». The objectives of the third group included «deterrence ballistic programs of Iran» and «limitation of attempts to place Iranian missiles to Hezbollah». Finally, the fourth group will work with the «increased escalation in the region, which may be involved in Iran.»

Israeli officials have confirmed to a TV channel that Washington and tel Aviv reached a strategic agreement on the Iranian issue. «Israel and the United States carefully monitor trends and developments in the region, especially Iran, and they produced a final thesis on strategic policy challenges,» the channel quoted Israeli official.