Named the best currency 2017

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The most profitable currency 2017 became Mozambican metical – its rate has increased has increased by 21% relative to the U.S. dollar. About it reports Bloomberg.

Analysts note that the maximum profit in the past year received by the owners of the cryptocurrency. So, bitcoin showed an increase of 1500%. Experts remind that investing in cryptocurrency is considered very risky.

The leader of the world currency market became Mozambican metical with an increase of 21%. Afterwards settled down the Czech Koruna and the Polish zloty, the rates of which have risen by 18%. The worst investment option among currencies, according to analysts, was Uzbekistan sum, depreciating 60%.

The most profitable investment for owners of commodities became the palladium, the rate of which increased by 54%. Copper and aluminum rose by 29%. The greatest losses to its owners brought natural gas to minus 27.5% on the year.

The highest growth among securities showed the government bonds of Greece (about 60%), Belize (38,7%) and Argentina (30%). The least profitable investment were the government bonds of Venezuela to minus 55%.

Among the stock indices the highest yield showed the Ukrainian UX – it grew by 80%. Second and third places are occupied by Kazakhstan (+64%) and Mongolia (+63%) respectively. From the first end became Pakistan – its stock index has fallen by 22%.