Physicists from Russia have joined the banks of the first «working» line of quantum communication

© Photo : RQCСистема quantum communication created by the Russian quantum centerPhysicists from Russia have joined the banks of the first «working» line of quantum communication© Photo : RQC

Physicists and engineers from the Russian quantum center created the first «working» line of quantum communication between two branches of Sberbank in Moscow and used it for a real transfer of financial data, reports a press-service of the company.

«Sberbank was the first organization that received our set of quantum of protection that is ready for commercial operation. Russian organizations will be able to use to protect information, the development of our country, which is important for the state,» said Ruslan Yunusov, General Director of the RCC.

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is the basis of modern quantum technologies. This phenomenon, in particular, plays an important role in the systems of secure quantum communication – this system completely exclude the possibility of invisible «wiretapping» due to the fact that the laws of quantum mechanics prohibit «cloning» the state of the light particles. In the present system of quantum communication are being actively developed in Europe, in China, in the United States.

Unlike the previous experiment in Gazprombank offices, in this case the RCC and its partners of the savings Bank not simply exchange quantum keys needed for encryption of information but the data themselves, which translates the communication system according to the RCC, from the category of promising projects in a number of ready-made business solutions.

To implement this task, the physicists had to increase the frequency of generation of keys and make possible their transfer, even in a very noisy line fiber. Serial production of these devices quantum communications is scheduled to begin next year.