Poroshenko called for the resumption of gas purchases from Russia

CC BY 4.0 / presidential Administration / the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Archival photoPoroshenko called for the resumption of gas purchases from RussiaCC BY 4.0 / administration of the President of Ukraine /

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Kiev may resume gas purchases from Russia under the condition that the blue fuel is «cheap».

The head of state argues that initially the Russian side has addressed to Ukraine with your request.

«They knock: will you take our gas? That is not, we are fine. If it is cheap if it is honest and non-corrupt — please,» — Poroshenko said during his working trip to Odesa region. According to him, Kyiv is ready to resume purchases of cheap gas to «reduce the tariffs for our people.»

Ukraine stopped buying gas from Russia in November 2015. In 2016-2017, the Kiev pumped into storage gas delivered in reverse from Europe.

The application Poroshenko is not correlated with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration which has obliged «Naftogaz» to buy from Moscow at least five billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Russia has cheaper

On the words Poroshenko has already responded in the state Duma. The head of the Committee on energy, Paul Zavalny noted that Moscow had never denied the Ukrainian side in the blue fuel supply.

«The gas that they buy re-export, in fact, Russian. It is more expensive than gas, which they could buy in Russia», — said the MP. He added that the price difference is about $ 20 per thousand cubic meters of blue fuel.

He also recalled the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. «We therefore have the obligation to sell gas to Ukraine, where the price formula is linked to the European hub. But it’s still going to cost less than the gas they are buying in Europe,» — said logjam.

The MP also said that the parties can always negotiate the volumes and cost of raw materials and to come to consensus.

A step into the abyss

According to the Deputy Director of the Center for geopolitical expertise Natalia Makeeva, such statements Kiev puts the citizens of the country to the brink of survival.

«Ukraine has made another step into the abyss – its so-called elite want to completely ruin the state, to destroy the population, which now barely survives, simply abandoning our gesture of mercy» – the expert has told radio Sputnik.

According to her, Moscow makes «a gesture of goodwill from the Slavic solidarity with the poor population of Ukraine», Kyiv, in turn, allows itself to such statements.

«I still hope that people will save some kind of miracle, because his leadership is doing everything to their people to ruin,» concluded Makeyev.


In 2014 «Gazprom» and «Naftogaz» had legal proceedings in the Stockholm arbitration court over gas supply contracts. The subject of claims — contracts for the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine and transit of gas through territory of the country since 2009. Last Friday, the court issued a final decision on this dispute.

In addition to the obligation to purchase gas from Russia, «Naftogaz» should pay «Gazprom» two billion dollars for gas already delivered. The court also reduced the annual contract volume of purchases of up to five billion cubic meters of raw materials, however, left a clause «take or pay» for 80 percent of this amount, that is, for four billion cubic meters. According to «Gazprom» to buy gas in these volumes Kiev is required starting in 2018.

Ukrainian company will pay for each day of delay in payment since December 22. Single day cost «Naftogaz” about 600 thousand dollars.

The Reaction Of Kiev

Ukrainian company, in turn, stated that «won» the process. «Arbitration completely rejected the demands of Gazprom’s take or pay in the amount of $ 56 billion over the 2009-2017 years,» says page, «Naftogaz» in Facebook.

The report also argues that the court found the ban on gas re-export to be invalid and now the Russian gas price for «Naftogaz» will be calculated on the basis of prices on the European spot market.

Benefit from a court decision in the company was estimated at $ 75 billion.

Gazprom skeptical of this position. The company stressed that the court upheld all the major provisions of her claim.
«And then, as it is the Ukrainian side called spit in the eye — all God’s dew», — said the Deputy of Board «Gazprom” Alexander Medvedev in interview to TV channel «Russia 24».