Rostov taxi driver returned to forgetful passengers four million rubles

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The taxi driver from Rostov-on-don Oksana Milovanova gave the passenger left in her car four million rubles. It is reported portal

Black plastic bag with money left in the car by a couple who was hurrying to the bus station. The couple did not notice the loss, as he was firmly convinced that the money in the hands of the «second half». The driver found a parcel when the car drove to a car wash. Unfolding it, she found a large sum of money.

Milovanova found forgetful customers via the Manager and got the money back, they gave a verbal gratitude. The employer encouraged their employee a cash prize.

Most of the colleagues taksistka reacted to her decision with approval and respect. However, his own daughter, according to felt that a huge amount could help pay off a mortgage, to which her mother replied that «money is not our, so before a fall».