The European satellite O3b will launch from Kourou on March 1

© AFP 2017 / Jody AmietНа the Kourou space centre. Archival photoThe European satellite O3b will launch from Kourou on March 1© 2017 AFP / Jody Amiet

Russian rocket «Soyuz-ST» starts with the O3b satellites from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on 1 March 2018, said on Friday Russia’s Roscosmos.

The O3b satellites are designed to create a new European medium-altitude earth orbit space system and also the provision of telecommunications services and high-speed Internet access in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the middle East.

«Planned … from Kourou: from March 1 carrier rocket «Soyuz-ST-B» with the satellite O3bF4″, — stated in the release.

Satellites O3b three times already in orbit Russian «Soyuz-ST» from Kourou in June 2013, in July and December 2014. Orbits each time, but on four apparatus.

The devices are designed to provide connection and high-speed Internet access to residents in remote and developing regions where it is impossible to lay fibre-optic cables, a total of audience of about 3 billion people.