The Kremlin said the main disappointment of the year

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The Kremlin believes the main disappointment of 2017, the situation in relations with the United States, as well as a hung condition of the Minsk agreements. About it said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions.

«Of course, we can only Express regret at the fact that it is still in a hung state are the Minsk agreements. Still have not made much progress in terms of implementing them. You know our position, why we are stalled in terms of implementing the Minsk agreements, on whose fault and whose reluctance», he said.

According to a spokesperson, can not but cause regret and Russian-American relations, namely the position occupied by Washington against Moscow.

«But at the same time, you know the mood, which has been repeatedly voiced by the President: we want and are looking for a good and mutually beneficial relations based on mutual respect, mutual trust with all countries, primarily European, including with the United States. But here tango to dance together, as they say», — said Peskov.

«Achievements are many,»

But to answer the question of how, according to the Kremlin, was a major achievement over the past year, the press Secretary found it difficult: a lot of them.

«We therefore didn’t make the list any achievements or any setbacks. It’s hard to say. To call any one achievement, it would be wrong, because actually a lot of achievements — it’s the economy, you know the change of the main trend in the economy, and record low inflation, and that initiatives and measures taken in the social sphere. The list is very large, and the work was very intense and very effective. The main thing is that the effect of this work is stretched over time, so to speak, within the one year it would be wrong,» — said Peskov.

He added that highlight the main failure of the year is also quite difficult. «It needs to tell the President,» — said the spokesman.

The recovery from the recession

President Vladimir Putin has assessed 2017 — according to him, he was successful. Particularly, the President noted, the Russian economy out of recession.

«Because of the economy everything else depends: and social services, income levels, defense,» — said the head of state at a meeting with employees of the depot at the railway station Moscow-Kiev.

He recalled that real wages increased by about three percent. Not all people is obvious because in each region the process is in its own way, the President added.

«This economic growth is gradually beginning to affect real income. I think that is the key,» he believes.

The President also noted positive changes in the defense sector.

«And what we have on our own soil is starting to develop, that we increase our sovereignty and in the sphere of economy and security is extremely important. Here is another step to strengthen our independence and sovereignty — it is very important», — said the head of state.

The main thing in Russia…

The Russians, appreciating the passing year and talked about Syria, the centenary of the October revolution and the difficulties in the economy. This is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by holding «ROMIR».

Thus, a military operation in Syria believe the key event of the year, almost a quarter of respondents (23%). Approximately one-fifth (18%) put first the century Oct.

The difficult economic situation, the key event recognized the 17% of Russians. And last year thought so more than 40% of respondents. «That is this year there is a clear recovery, which affected the General sentiments and assessments of our compatriots», — noted in «ROMIR».

One in ten (10%) ranked as the event of the resignation of governors, and 8% — the ongoing doping scandal with the Russian athletes. Another 7% of respondents recalled the last summer of the confederations Cup in football.

«Only 4% of respondents equated the event of the year in the case of ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev. 2% of Russians considered the event of the year the year of ecology in Russia and the commissioning of the railway section zhuravka — Millerovo, which is to bypass Ukraine,» write the experts.

…and in the world

On a world scale event of the year, according to the Russians, was the war in Syria – so I think a third of respondents (32%). The fight against ISIS* put in the first place 18% of Russians. Furthermore, according to ROMIR, the proportion of such answers decreases with time: two years ago the fight against ISIS* attracted the attention of 42% of respondents last year — has dropped to 30%.

«About what happened in the past year terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe, as event of the year, said 14% of Russians. Another 13% remembered the inauguration of Donald trump for President of the United States. One in eight (12%), the Russian attaches importance to nuclear tests carried out this year in North Korea,» according to the survey.

Presidential elections in France and the referendum on the independence of Catalonia and the ensuing crisis, as well as access to smart phone market Apple’s iPhone 8 and IPhone X has attracted the attention of only 1-2% of Russians.

«Thus, the results of the outgoing year can be considered a slight improvement of the economic situation in the country, which is reflected in the decline in the number of Russians who call the crisis event of the year. However, now in first place in the event ranking in the country and the world went to war. In anticipation of the new year, there is hope for change for the better in the coming year,» concluded the study authors.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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