«The legacy of the cardinal»: the struggle of the Pope with pedophiles stalled

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The American press discussing the «huge legacy» of the deceased at the end of December of cardinal Bernard law. It media called the symbol of the domination of pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church: after it became known that he hid the seducers, the flock of the Catholic Church in the United States has decreased significantly. Headache the Holy see has added another news: the leaders of the Pontifical Commission for the investigation of crimes of a sexual nature leave their posts, the work of the body paralyzed. It happened in the midst of the struggle of Pope Francis with the dominance of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. About why the current Pontiff is not easy to implement the promise to «sweep the Vatican clean of contamination» — in the material RIA Novosti.

«The Pontiff is slow»

The powers of the members of the Commission for investigation of pedophilia among Catholic clergy expired a week ago, but its fate is still not clear. The idea is that Pope Francis is due to announce its new lineup, but for some reason this does not.

«We’re waiting for the Pope», — said the member of the Commission of the priest Hans Zollner.

This situation arose after the publication of the materials of the state Commission of Australia, which five years investigating cases of pedophilia in schools. The results are shocking: nearly 63% of all known cases of pedophilia was involved in the Catholic Church. These data are constantly voiced in the ensuing at the end of this month in the US and Europe, public debate about the fruitless struggle with priests-pedophiles, the catalyst of which was the death of cardinal law.

Each of the presidents and pedophiles

«I, along with my brothers and sisters went to Catholic school of St. Catherine in the suburbs of Chicago. When I was ten, came to us a new priest. Parents loved father of Donald Malkoff: he was young and interacted with the kids much better than our aging severe pastor. But one day after school a classmate told me some rumors about the father of Massive and boys. I was scared, but to tell your parents about this, I did not» — says columnist for the New York Times Elizabeth Williamson. In 2003, she discovered Malkoff in the list of Catholic priests suspected of pedophilia.

For decades the management of the largest Catholic diocese of the USA active priest as gained unprecedented popularity among ordinary believers, and considerable influence in political circles, for which he received the journalists nicknamed «friend of presidents». Such a background allowed him to interfere in the Affairs of the Vatican around the world.

Even when the pedophile scandal, Lowe was forced to retire from his high office, his influence within the Catholic Church it is not lost: Pope John Paul II in 2004 has appointed the controversial cardinal’s adviser on the issues of the ordination of new bishops. Only with the establishment of the pontificate of Pope Francis, he finally retired from the political scene.

The impotence of the Pope

As soon as it comes about pedophilia within the Catholic Church, the rhetoric of Pope Francis immediately changed from friendly to belligerent. C ascension to the throne of St. Peter, many have hope that the «filth that has infested the Vatican» (the so-called Church pedophilia himself Francis), will soon disappear. But now coming to the end of the fourth year of his pontificate, and the problems have not diminished. Only for 2017, the press service of the Holy see have been at least two emergency period: at the end of July she had to fend off accusations against the Vatican Treasurer, cardinal George Pell, and on September 19, the shadow of suspicion fell on the chief Inquisitor — cardinal Luis Ferrer.

And if in 2014 after yet another pedophile scandal, the rhetoric of Pope Francis was determined at all costs to eradicate pedophilia, the events of 2017, apparently, diminished his confidence. «The problem of pedophilia in the Church noticed later. <…> I know it and therefore say: we’re too late. Perhaps the old practice of transferring people (priests in other parishes that have often made the same cardinal law. — Approx. ed.) and not to go to the root of the problem dulled our conscience,» he says now. Did the Pope sign of his impotence?

Yet the Pope only managed to make the issue of Church paedophilia in the public space. This in itself is a great achievement, says head of the Centre for studies in religion and society Institute of Europe RAS, religion Roman Lunkin.

«Such cases now, may not be reduced to zero. But it is clear that such a shaft of crimes of pedophilia, as before, no. Accordingly, it could also cause a change in the leadership of the Commission,» he said.

And all because the clergy has become much more to fear for his position, but, in fact, criminals inside the Church is a real hunt. But, as the expert believes, in the near future is unlikely «to sweep the Vatican clean of contamination» that takes years of hard and dedicated work.

«It is inevitable»

Before Christmas, Pope Francis spoke quite harshly about the administrative structure of the Catholic Church. And not someone personally, and Vatican administrators. «Reforming the Vatican is not easier than to clean out the Egyptian Sphinx with a toothbrush,» said he, speaking to the higher hierarchies.

Many of the media immediately remembered how enthusiastic four years ago, the Pope undertook to rebuild the centuries-old system. And even managed to amass a lot of enemies.

«I think that internal reform of the Vatican will last long enough and just as long to adapt to modern conditions», — stressed the religious Roman Lunkin.

This also applies to the eradication of pedophilia: if not for the bureaucratic features of the Vatican, the Pope would succeed in this much more. But… «the Bureaucracy in the Vatican is inevitable. It is eternal as Rome itself» — the expert believes.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photovacation pending the election of a new Pope«The legacy of the cardinal»: the struggle of the Pope with pedophiles stalled© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photovacation in anticipation of the election of the new Pope