The most popular foreign media in Lithuania was Russian

© Fotolia / bokstazПанорама of Vilnius. Archival photoThe most popular foreign media in Lithuania was Russian© Fotolia / bokstaz

Russian media in Lithuania were the most popular foreign publications. As reported by Sputnik Lithuania, according to a study by the Ministry of culture of the Republic.

It turned out that 21% of the total number of respondents over the past month sought information from the Russian media. Significantly fewer respondents read, watched or listened to American mass media (6%), Polish and British (5%).

Russian media also turned out to be absolute leaders of the national minorities of Lithuania. Over the past month to the media in the Russian language addressed 79% of the respondents. Second in popularity was the media in the Polish language (27%).

In addition, the study revealed that a critical evaluation of representatives of national minorities is much higher. This can be explained by the fact that they appeal to more ideologically diverse media, not only Lithuanian, but also Russian, which is often served news, especially political, with a different accent.

The most popular media among residents of Lithuania is the TV – it is watched daily by 73% of Lithuanians.