Trade representative in the United States appreciated Russia’s approach to trade cooperation

© Photo : courtesy of mission in Scatology Russian representative to the US Alexander StadnikTrade representative in the United States appreciated Russia’s approach to trade cooperation© Photo : courtesy of mission in the United States

Russia in the issue of trade and economic cooperation with the United States chose a simple, pragmatic formula to work with those who are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, told RIA Novosti trade representative of Russia to the United States Alexander Stadnik.

He pointed out that at the end of the year the growth of trade turnover between the two countries, following the mission also hopes to increase this figure.

«Last year for Russian-American economic and trade relations in General was quite difficult. Positive examples in our cooperation alternated with clearly unfriendly actions of the US administration. It is primarily a continuation of Washington’s conversation on the language of sanctions, the seizure of our diplomatic facilities in Washington, new York and San Francisco, a number of subjects related to the restriction of access of the Russian goods on the local market with the use of a controversial anti — dumping mechanisms,» he said.

«In this regard, we chose a fairly simple and pragmatic formula for the interaction — work with those who are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and understands the interests of each party» — said Stadnik.

Cooperation with the business continues

The trade representative said that «today the main points of interstate cooperation remain critical of problematic issues related to international security.» «In trade-economic sphere dialogue is specific. At the same time, mutually beneficial cooperation of business circles actively ongoing, it is supported in Russia at the highest level,» he said.

«Suffice it to recall the meeting of our President with the leadership of a hundred American companies at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, a meeting of our Minister of economic development and Minister of industry and trade with American businessmen, at the invitation of the American-Russian business Council», — he reminded.

According to him, in all cases, activities were of a practical nature, they discussed new opportunities and benefits for expansion of joint projects, proposals to improve conditions for doing business, the issues that inevitably arise in the course of work. To the chagrin of the business community, on the American side of such scale was not observed.

«Not all of America intoxicated Russophobia. Please note that Russia and work in Russia strategic global companies in the US. Enumerate all will not, they are hearing, but for example, mention the Boeing company, the annual investment of which in the Russian economy is about $ 600 million. In the coming years the company plans to spend about $ 18 billion on purchases of Russian titanium products, another 5 billion for the purchase of services for the design, another 4 billion on other products and services, including space programs,» — said Stadnik.

He said that the Russian titanium products and related services to «fly around the world with new models commercial airplanes Boeing». According to him, the company has already created in Russia for more than two thousand high-tech jobs in July 2017, a joint venture of Boeing and VSMPO-AVISMA for the manufacturing of titanium components has become an anchor resident of the SEZ Titanium valley. In the same month, the company together with the Federal Agency of air transport announced the beginning of activity of the Aviation training center for training of aviation personnel in Russia and CIS countries.

«The establishment of such training center in Russia will significantly enhance safety in the region. There are many stories,» concluded Stadnik.

Looking for new opportunities

Now, according to trade representative of the Russian business and the American business community are in active search for new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. One of the most promising is the development of sustainable trade, the establishment of a single transparent and clear mechanisms and standards for trade flows, the development of transport and logistics infrastructure and manufacturing related equipment, run it in reusable turnover. This topic is relevant for the development of Eurasian economic integration process and of interest to many in the United States.

As for plans trade mission, the main areas of work for the future together with interested Russian organizations and agencies identified the promotion of U.S. exports, development of industrial, technological and financial cooperation of the Russian companies of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, aerospace and oil and gas industries, biotechnologies, medicine and pharmaceutics, information technologies, transport and logistics and tourism products.

«Tourism would like to dwell a little more. Today, the number of American tourists who visited our country, is in third place after Chinese and German tourists. And with the beginning of the year the overall flow of tourists from Russia increased by a quarter, as compared to 2013 almost doubled after sank in 2014 and 2015. This year we have had approximately 270-280 thousand American tourists. The potential is much more serious,» — said Stadnik.

Trade representative cited figures that every year Americans commit around 75 million tourist trips, and interest in Russia in the United States inevitably warmed up. The Americans who visited Russia to see the reality and not the propaganda fables and cliches of the ice age, get acquainted closer with the culture, history and traditions, he said, Recalling that in 2018 in 11 Russian cities will host matches of the world Cup, which will spur the growth of the tourist flow.

However, at this point in American catalogues of tour operators, while «little Russia». «We need to actively promote our tourist products on the tourist market of the United States, including through the opening of the national tourist office VisitRussia-USA. This is one of our objectives to 2018,» says Stadnik.

Growth in spite of

According to a sales representative, «today the trade turnover between Russia and the United States goes to grow about 17%,» and it tells about the ahead than last year by approximately 2.7 billion dollars.» He noted that in the structure of Russian exports to the US non-oil commodities account for about 97.5%, and by the end of 2017 is expected to increase turnover in the 15-17%.

«We will strive to next year, this figure was at least 20%,» — said Stadnik.

He noted that the rise of Russian non-commodity non-energy supplies almost 20% of high-tech products — more than 42% of innovative goods 28%, machinery and technical products — almost 22%. Commodity exports, though the share is only 2.5%, also shows a growth of more than 20%.

Speaking of commodities, the trade representative noted that today the technology of their production and transportation can compete with aerospace, in what could clearly see the progress of the Russian business mission in may 2017 in Houston at the international exhibition-conference on technologies of resource extraction OTC-2017 and a return visit by the Americans to the Russian energy week in October for the signing of memoranda of cooperation with Russian oil and gas Universities.

If to speak about Russian purchases in the United States, it is also almost 100% of non-oil imports, growth was 16.5 percent, said Stadnik. Increased imports of high technology goods of almost 24.5% of innovative goods 21%, machinery and technical products — by 20.5%, he said.

«And that, due to the fact that someone in Washington has picked up attack of Russophobia, we will curtail this kind of cooperation? It would be irresponsible,» — said torred.

He added that «sanctions from the United States, of course, hinder cooperation, and today, some investment banks are warning about the dangers of investing in Russia».

«But it’s mostly Western banks such as Merrill Lynch. Russia sanctions can not be stopped. This is not a slogan, it is an objective reality, confirmed and growing makroekonomicheskie indicators and the growing authority of our country,» said Stadnik.

According to him, the entire period of the last sanctions of the West shows that Russia is successfully implementing the programme and substitution of necessary goods and attracting investors.