Books for January: a new novel of Chania Yanagihara and the continuation of «Tobol» Ivanov

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The new year will bring for fans of Russian and foreign literature a lot of interesting new features in January on the shelves of bookstores will appear in the continuation of large-scale novel about the history of Siberia under the name of «Tobol. Few are chosen» Alexey Ivanov, two collections of short stories — «the Love of a good woman,» the Nobel laureate Alice Munro and «to live» Russian writer Narine Abgaryan, a fantastic story, «the Lady number thirteen» by the Spanish author Jose Carlos Somoza, and also bright debut Chania Yanagihara «People among the trees.»

«Tobol. Few are chosen»

Well-known Russian writer Alexey Ivanov, the author of the novels «the Geographer drank his globe away» and «stormy weather» last year presented to the public the first part of the large-scale paintings called «the Tobol. Many are called». Material for works of Ivanov, who also engaged in careful study of the history and culture of the Urals, was the scenes from the history of Siberia of the Petrine era. The book is a synthesis of genres, combining political Thriller in the decorations of the XVIII century, the historical novel and fantasy. In the novel «the Tobol. Few are chosen» the adventures of heroes continues: before the eyes of the readers will be in Siberia, plowed reforms of the king, and its inhabitants, are not tired to wonder whether they are destined to build here a new life? Roman peplum, a publication which deals with «Revision of Elena Shubina», will also continue in the form of an eight-serial drama series scenario author.

«The people among the trees»

One of the biggest book hits of the past year was «Little life» by American writer Chania yanagihara the multi – page novel about violence, children’s injuries and overcome them attracted the attention of millions of readers around the world. In the new year the publishing house Corpus is preparing to release the debut Yanagihara called «Men in trees». Action works set in the middle of the last century: Dr. Norton Perina is sent to a remote island to learn the secret of eternal life from the people who live there. The prototype of the hero was the Nobel laureate Daniel Gajdusek – American pediatrician and virologist who discovered the cause of a rare disease, which was spread among the peoples of New Guinea.

«The lady number thirteen»

Spanish writer josé Carlos Somoza’s hardly known to a wide circle of Russian readers: over the years the work he has created over 13 books (as well as collections of novels and short stories), but only three of them have been translated into Russian language. In his works of Samosa combines science fiction and the detective, while referring the reader to the classic stories of Shakespeare and the philosophical views of Plato. The novel «the Lady in number thirteen,» takes place in a world run by the mysterious lady of the dreams and words – twelve of them are well known to its inhabitants, but the thirteenth are inclined to blame in many strange and terrible phenomena. Figure it out on your own experience be the teacher of the literature to Salomon Rulfo and Raquel, the girlfriend experience. The book, a translation of which was performed by Elena Gorbova, leaves in publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus».

«Continue to live»

Russian writer of Armenian origin Narine Abgaryan gained fame after the publication of his first novel, «tiny»: her debut was born from the fascinating notes in the «Live journal», where she described his observations on Moscow and reminisced about his childhood in Armenia, and continued still in three pieces. In the past award season, the jury of the literary prize «Yasnaya Polyana» said prosaic collection Abgaryan «From the sky fell three apples» for a wonderful combination of miraculous and mundane. Under the cover of the new book «to live» the author has collected 31 the story of the war. According to Apkarian, work on this piece wasn’t easy for her, because «to write about the war – like looking death in the face, trying not to look away,» but she tried to show that «life is fairer than death.» Publication of a collection implements the AST.

«The love of a good woman»

Canadian writer Alice Munro about fifty years working in the genre of the short story, creating an incredibly subtle and poignant stories. Her first collection, «Dance of the happy shades» was highly appreciated by critics and readers: the books only secured the success of Munro. In 2012, the writer announced that ends his career, and a year later it was awarded the Nobel prize for literature with the wording «master of the contemporary short story». The collection «the Love of a good woman», which is published in the publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus», first saw light nearly 20 years ago. Eight stories United by the theme of love and betrayal, the Russian readers will appreciate in translation Elena Calavino.