In Ufa schoolgirl right in the classroom invited the teacher to meet

In Ufa 18-year-old girl admitted to the teacher training center for the exam in their feelings directly during a class, according to One of the students filmed the «offer» in the video clip published on YouTube.

The girl decided to speak with 25-year-old teachers in mathematics for other students.

«Could not be resolved, but today my patience ran out. And I want to say that I like you, your charisma, speech. And wanted to ask whether our relationship to develop into something more?» — said the schoolgirl at the blackboard.

The incident was commented by the Director of the Center of preparation for the exam and the OGE Newton, which enrolls a high school student. According to him, during the lesson the teacher did not focus on the recognition of the school and promised to talk to her separately.

«With the teacher spoke: says that communication is clear, apart from training, was not. But it was obvious for her that she cares about, often wrote a personal message under the pretext of homework,» said center Director Denis Matyushin.

In his opinion, there is a possibility that the girl confessed her feelings on the dispute. He also added that for two years this happens for the first time and should not adversely affect the image of the institution.

«Last year I taught, I had a filter for such things, so the main thing is a learning process, everything else obviously should not touch the work», — concluded Mikhail Matiushin.