In Yelets sued after being beaten by security forces visitors to the club.

© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian federalassembly the Investigative Committee of Russia. Archive photoIn Yelets sued after being beaten by security forces visitors to the club.© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Criminal case about excess of powers of office is brought after being beaten by security forces visitors of an entertainment club in Yelets, informs on Saturday investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Lipetsk region.

The issue of beating by security forces of people in the entertainment club was raised on 14 December at the session of the Lipetsk regional Council of deputies. As explained by RIA Novosti in the legislative Assembly, the Deputy of the Yelets said that will give security officials the relevant documents. According to local media, gave the Deputy the regional Prosecutor’s office and the leadership of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs record from the cameras.

According to investigators, on the night of 18 November, the staff of special forces of regional Department of the MIA of Russia in the framework of operational measures to detect crimes related to drug trafficking, «exceeded its authority by applying physical force to the visitors of the cafe «Kara-Kum». SK notes that «law enforcers during a special operation in indoor entertainment has beaten the inhabitants of Yelets, causing them physical pain.»

Investigation found all the officers involved in the RAID, as well as victims. To determine the extent and severity of damage he is appointed is judicial-medical examination.

«In addition, the ballistics sent a shell casing found by the workers of the entertainment after the departure of the security forces. The experts ‘ findings will help the investigators to determine the person who purchased the cartridge in a specialty store, as well as the type of weapon from which a shot was fired. The investigation will also be investigated withdrawn from the police Department video of the incident last night in Yelets cafe, which is one of the main evidence in a criminal case», — informs the investigation, noting that the investigation is under the control of Chairman SK of Russia Alexander Bastrykin.