People’s favorite Vladimir shainskiy

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The author of many children’s songs, the music for the cartoon about Cheburashka and crocodile Gena, composer Vladimir shainskiy died 26 Dec 93-m to year of life.

His songs are known to many generations of Soviet and Russian children: they are children’s cartoons, they were passed on radio and TV, they are still humming the parents to their children. Vladimir Yakovlevich was able to miraculously find their way to their listeners. Knew how to write simply and defiantly — so that the theme songs were memorable almost from the first. And so they were always easy to sing themselves.

A native of Kiev, Shainsky he studied first in Tashkent, then at the Moscow Conservatory. Later he graduated from the composition faculty of the Baku Conservatory.

Vladimir Yakovlevich worked in Leonid Utyosov, perhaps, in this orchestra the jazz absorbed ease, the ability to surprise listeners. In 1940-1950 years, many of his compositions have entered the repertoire of famous singers in the 1960s was the work of an arranger in various dance orchestras.

Later, the cooperation with such stars of the Soviet music, as Muslim Magomayev, Lev Leshchenko, Alla Pugacheva, and many others.

Incidentally, he confessed, that draws inspiration from classical music. He said he loved Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. Or were inspired by classic paintings.

I must say that in his songs and attended classicism — in the sense of exemplary.

Perhaps it’s supposed to be children’s popular music: bright, catchy, professionally written.

In his songs Vladimir Yakovlev taught the children of humanity, sincerity, simplicity. They did not have a single drop of lies — that’s why they were and are so loved by the audience.
People’s favorite Vladimir shainskiyAmazing enthusiasm and cheerfulness is, perhaps, another unique quality, and of Vladimir Yakovlevich, and his music.

He knew how to please children and knew how to enjoy himself. It was a huge energy and desire to write.

Unique performance — without it there would be so many great tunes. Shainskiy is often said that if feels good, then immediately sits down at the piano. «In my heart is still a lot of music that still sounds», — he added. Indeed, the songs were many, they were all different. And were they always some kind of lightness.